I am now offering my services as a graphic designer for book promotional posts and Beta/Sensitivity Reading!

Details  about each service found below:

...Graphic Design...

I can work quick book promo graphics for all your social media platforms (especially Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!). I mostly use Canva & PicMonkey, and while these are online editors (I pay for Canva for Work to have full access to all of its resources), I know my way around them to create professional looking posts to help boost your book and be SEEN by your audience. 

I won't charge for hours of work, instead I will charge based on number of graphics & will work according to what YOU need. We don't necessarily have to make all graphics on the same run until you are sure of what you want (unless given full reign over the design process).

$25 USD - for 10 graphics 
(two social media sizes: Twitter/Instagram or Twitter/Facebook for example)

$50 USD - for 20 graphics 
(3-4 social media sizes of your choice)

Recent examples of my work:


"Melissa has been instrumental in helping me market my books. Her artistic skills, dedication, and love of books really shine in her graphics. She is fast, efficient, and worth her weight in gold."

For inquiries, please email me at with subject line: Graphic Design Service

Note: I only accept payment through Paypal.

...Beta Reading...

I have experience working as a beta reader for Young Adult literature and will gladly work with your book! I will give you honest, respectful feedback about your manuscript and help you polish your book to get it ready for submission. I'll mostly look for inconsistencies throughout the book, plot holes, characterization, where the book begins to slow/might lose readers' interest, suggest improvements, and if need be, help with grammar and spelling.

Note: I'm not a professional editor/copy-editor, I'm just very passionate about the books I read so I will do my best to get your book to where it needs to be!

Genres I like to read in YA/NA literature & will be best at:

- Fantasy
-  Contemporary
- Historical Fiction
- Science Fiction

$1 USD per 1,000 words
 $20 USD for a 20,000 word manuscript
$50 USD for a 50,000 word manuscript

I’ve worked with Melissa on a number of different projects, and she is amazing! Her extensive experience as a reviewer allows her to explain what is and isn’t working with a novel, and she has a good eye for finding flaws in pacing, world-building, and character development. I can’t recommend her enough!

Danielle L. Jensen, USA Today Bestselling author of The Malediction Trilogy

If you are interested for beta reading + sensitivity reading, we can discuss about pricing. Just shoot me an email at with the subject line: Beta Reading Service.

Note: I only accept payments through Paypal. Teenagers, do contact me about other forms of payment if you don't have access to Paypal.

...Sensitivity Reading...

I can also sensitivity read Young Adult (and possibly New Adult) manuscripts with Mexican culture, characters, and Spanish language. This is for authors/writers writing outside their own experience and I will make a thorough check of your COMPLETE manuscript to identify problems and potential issues before they get to readers' hands.

Please note that my service does NOT guarantee that there won't be an issue on the final draft of your book since my views may differ from other Mexicans, but I'll sure help as much as I can to avoid them.

$1 USD per 1,000 words
 $20 USD for a 20,000 word manuscript
$50 USD for a 50,000 word manuscript

For inquiries, please email me at with subject line: Sensitivity Reading Service

Sensitivity reading is NOT the same as beta reading, but we may discuss about doing both with your complete manuscript.

For any other questions, please don't hesitate to email me and I will answer as soon as possible! :)

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