Bookstagram Giveaway/Collaboration

The Reader and the Chef is also on Instagram! We have around 13.2K followers and we love to post pretty photos of YA books along with desserts. Melissa is The Reader, while Isabel is the Chef. :)

Please email us at if you would like to collaborate with us (showcase your awesome business) or to partner for a giveaway.

About Our Book Giveaways:

*Please note that all giveaways must be INTERNATIONAL. We are international readers (we live in Mexico!) and we always strive to give equal opportuniy to all our wonderful followers. Book Depository is a great option for sending books to International readers!

*We'll post a pretty photo of the book you want to give away on our account and in return, we'll ask readers to follow the author/publisher on INSTAGRAM as a mandatory entry.

*Author/publisher MUST be active on Instagram. No exceptions, sorry! It's difficult to run giveaways otherwise.

*We CAN host a giveaway without owning your book, but it will get a simpler setting since we will have to do bookish magic (aka photoshop the book into the photo as realistically as we can) but we'd appreciate if we could get ahold of a physical copy to be more creative with the photo. If you want to send us a copy, the best way to do so is through Amazon (or Amazon Mexico if you have an account!) since books arrive through DHL within a week, otherwise books tend to take a month to arrive via regular mail, including from Book Depository (unless there's no rush for the giveaway, in that case, it's more than fine with us. ♥ ).

Example of giveaway post (the book is also photoshopped, click the image to see it on Instagram!):

We do not charge for giveaways, we love to host them! It's an honor. ♥
We love to support authors and promote all the wonderful books out there! :D

Please send us an email at if you want us to host a giveaway or if you have any other inquiries!