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Interviews and Author Guest Posts

Inteview with Cara Rosalie Olsen (Author of Awakening Foster Kelly)

Interview with Mike Hartner (Author of I, Walter)

Interview with Cristiane Serruya (Author of Trust Trilogy)

Interview with Nadine C. Keels (Author of Love Unfeigned)

Character Interview by Anne Marie Frohoff (Author of First Kiss)

Character Interview by Brenda Hiatt (Author of Starcrossed)

Character Guest Post by Gillian Felix (Author of Family Portrait)

Guest Post with Prissy Elrod (Author of Far Outside The Ordinary)

Guest Post with Lissa Ann O'Kane (Author of Essence)

Guest Post with Lindsay Anne Kendal (Author of Leticia)

Guest Post with Danielle L. Jensen (Author of Stolen Songbird)

Guest Post with Cristiane Serruya (Author of Trust Trilogy)