Book Review: Rare Blood by Susan Old

Title: Rare Blood
Author: Susan Old
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Published: March 13th 2018
Zairesue Books

Page count: 376 pages
Format: eARC
Source: From the publisher in exchange of an honest review

Book Summary:
“The first time I met Tristan I thought he was a conceited, arrogant, womanizing bastard. Too late, I realized those were his best qualities. It was a warm, May evening in Los Angeles. A book party was held at the Bel Air Hotel to promote my thriller OBSESSION WITH DEATH. Three years of disciplined writing and the luck of signing with a well-connected agent had put me on the brink of success…”

Miranda Ortega was about to find out why a Templar knight, Tarot Cards, a rare blood type, and an extremely seductive billionaire book publisher all played important roles in her life.

She could not believe her luck when a scholarship to UCLA enabled her to leave the cornfields of Illinois and pursue writing. Little did Miranda know that the events in her life were part of a well-orchestrated plan by an ancient being called the Magus.

Her book agent pressures her to meet the demands of Tristan Mordecai, her publisher who has no sense of personal boundaries. She feels control of her life slipping away as she is pulled into a nocturnal world of Lamborghini driving, Chanel wearing, egomaniac assassins with a strict liquid diet.

There, she struggles to make sense of a crazy world where people are often not what they appear to be. Fortunately, she has a really good bullshit detector, with little regard for class distinctions.
*The Chef's Review*
    Actual rating: 3/5 stars
I enjoyed reading Rare Blood. I don't venture into Adult Paranormal books, but I was excited to pick it up because it's sometimes fun to read out of my comfort zone. And it was fun!

What I Liked:

I found the plot of Rare Blood very interesting. I love how the story progressed and also its entertaining beginning. There were bits of humor that made my reading much more enjoyable, like the part where Miranda, the main character, starts to meet all the vampires and realizes that some of them she had already met without realizing their true identity. They had been in disguise in order to check up on her. The conversations that followed were comical and I surely loved those!

The secondary characters were also fun to read about. I will specifically talk about the vampire clan. Each vampire, whether good or bad, where all intriguing. I loved how they bantered or addressed each other. I have to admit that I found myself constantly comparing them to the vampires of the Twilight Saga and even though I found some similarities, they had their own pecularities that definitely made them stand out on their own. I think my favorite from them all was the Magus. He is the oldest and the leader of all vampires, with constant presence inside the story, though I wish I could have seen more and more of him!

What Didn't Do It For Me:

Despite liking most of the secondary characters, I have to say that I had trouble liking Miranda, the main character of Rare Blood. She wasn't a completely bad character, but I was expecting a different reaction from her as the book moved forward. Miranda is placed in a crazy situation when she realizes that she has caught the attention of a vampire society due to her rare blood type mixed with her complicated past. She is then pursued by a very handsome and arrogant vampire that basically weaves his way into her life. Later she realizes that she is someone extremely important for the vampire society. That is all fine, but then Miranda decides to act reckless, superior, and sometimes foolish around such dangerous creatures to the point that I found her lack of self-preservation annoying. 

But I still had fun reading the story and even though I generally disliked her humor, there were times that her comebacks had me laughing out loud.

Final Verdict:

There were some aspects inside the story that prevented me from truly loving this book, however, Rare Blood turned out to be a solid read that managed to keep me entertained until I was done. If you enjoy Adult Paranormal Romance reads, this might be your kind of book!

Happy reading! -- The Chef 

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