It's Our 4th Blogiversary!


(I always love to use that gif LOL)

Guys, omg. I cannot believe it's been FOUR YEARS since I've had my own space in the book blogging world. It definitely feels like it's been more but also less?!

More because so many things have happened to me since my sister & I published that first blog post on January 6th, 2014. It's staggering looking back and remembering every road and hill climbed, how much I've GROWN as a blogger and as a person as well. 
But it also feels as if it's been just a second. A wonderful, well-spent second. ♥ I don't even know if that makes sense!

One thing for sure is that I am super grateful of these 4 years, and the other 3 years I've spent as a book blogger and book lover. I am thankful to have found a community that is creative and inspiring, one that never ceases to amaze me. To have found the most incredible friends and personal cheerleaders. It's a community that makes you want to be better, to do better, that challenges views and ignites worlds. I love it so much and I can perfectly see myself being part of it for a long long time!

Accomplishments since last year's blogiversary:
  • Our #bookstagram (@thereaderandthechef) has now 11.3K followers! ♥ (Now we can use links in stories LOL).
  • This blog reached 722 Bloglovin' followers (yay!)
  • I have 3,913 followers on Twitter ♥
  • Did NaNoWriMo with my friend Becky from The Life of a Booknerd Addict! Hope to keep working on this book this year! ♥
  • YA Books Central's Instagram account (@yabookscentral) that I manage has reached 4.1K followers!
  • I got an internship at Entangled Publishing!
  • Became a rep for Fairyloot, Whimsify, Unicorncrate, A Court of Candles, Happiness Boutique, Bookmark Magic, Book Nerd Addict's Society6, and Once Upon a Book Club on Instagram!
  • Our 31 Days of Giveaways on Instagram this past December was HUGE, and we are so darn proud of hosting so many!
To sum it up, last year was another amazing year! And here's to another great one! I wonder, what I will write for my 5th blogiversary????? ;)

Special Thanks:

It wouldn't be right to not give a shout-out to all the wonderful people that have been part of this awesome book blogging road. Starting with the awesome authors who all eagerly joined our 31 Days of Giveaways last month: 

Kerri Maniscalco, author of Stalking Jack the Ripper
L.E. Delano, author of Traveler
Isabel Bandeira, author of Dramatically Ever After
Danielle L. Jensen, author of The Malediction Trilogy
Gwen C. Katz, author of Among the Red Stars
Shannon McGee, author of Of Gryphons and Other Monsters
Kayla Olson, author of The Sandcastle Empire
S.F. Henson, author of Devils Within
Farah Oomerbhoy, author of The Last of the Firedrakes 
Wendy Spinale, author of Everland
Jennifer Honeybourn, author of Wesley James Ruined My Life
Zara Quentin, author of Airwoman
Jaime Questell, author of By a Charm and a Curse
Amy Trueblood, author of Nothing but Sky
Tiki Kos, author of Daughter of the Night
S. Usher Evans, author of Spells & Sorcery
Carrie DiRisio, author of Brooding YA Hero
Laura Holt, author of Fathoms Below
Katy Upperman, author of Kissing Max Holden
John Owen Theobald, author of What the Raven Brings
K.C. Tansley, author of The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts
Christina June, author of It Started with Goodbye
Jennifer Ellision, author of Threats of Sky and Sea
Kate Ormand, author of The Wanderers
Amber Mitchell, author of Garden of Thorns
Dana Mele, author of People Like Us
Rachel Lynn Solomon, author of You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone
Brenda Rufener, author of Where I Live
Brandy Nacole, author of Deep in the Hollow
Sarah Glenn Marsh, author of Reign of the Fallen
Mary Fan, author of Starswept
Kelsey Macke, author of Damsel Distressed


- Kate Tilton, for everything you do for me. THANK YOU so so much! ♥
- Danielle L. Jensen, I heart you and your books! Thanks for letting me read them ♥
- Becky, my twin sister. Thanks for always being there for me. ♥
- My sister, for being the chef to my reader ♥
- Jessica, Helena, Sarah K., Brittany, Eileen, Jordan, Jazmen, Hana, JM, Kristy, and all my bookish people here on the blog, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you so much for all of your support, for your comments, for your friendship and for the awesome bookish talk. Every day is always fun thanks to you. 

Here's to another year! ♥


  1. Yay! Congrats! Happy blogiversary! ♥♥♥

  2. Happy bloggerversary 😊🎉🎉🎉 Wow so many achievement..congrats 😊🎉🎉

  3. I am so proud of you And I know I say it every year but each year you do so much and grow so much and I am so darn proud! I'm so happy to have you as part of my team. ❤

  4. Biggest congrats and all the squishy hugs to you girls!! You two deserve all the success! So glad to get to call you my friend <3