The Week's Entrée #158

Hi everyone! Welcome to another edition of The Week's Entrée!

Have you ever felt that feeling of having to read a book at the right moment or else you feel that you won't enjoy it as much as you might have? That's something I've been struggling with a bit lately but it's kind of silly because how can you really determine the right time to read a book? Sure, we can have the perfect day for reading (raining or cold weather for example) but those are not exactly easy to come by (at least in my side of Mexico) and don't 100% guarantee the perfect time to read a certain book.

In the end, I believe this is the result of book slumps and not exactly being in the mood to read. I don't really want to WASTE a good book when my heart isn't into reading. Book gushing and promoting on social media is a totally different matter! I don't think I will ever tire of pushing my favorite reads into the hands of new readers. ♥

Anyway, sorry for rambling, but sometimes I feel that I keep so many things cooped up and I need to share from time to time in order to sort out my own thoughts. Also, advice and thoughts are always welcome. What are your thoughts on bookish slumps?

With that said, I really hope you have a nice week and that you do not fall into a slump! Book hangover yes, but not a slump. ;)
New books!
{For review}
From publishers, authors, Netgalley/Edelweiss, etc.

Penguin made my week when they sent me these amazing ARCs to review on YA Books Central! I had only requested Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo, but they also sent along Satellite by Nick Lake and Genuine Fraud by E. Lockhart. Super exited to read them!!!
To Read This Week:

I'm reading two amazing books this week! The Dragons of Nova by Elise Kova and I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski. Both books release tomorrow, and yeah, I'm still behind with releases *weeps*. I promise to no longer request books this month so I can catch up. :D

And that's it for The Week's Entrée! What are you all reading? :)


  1. Oh my! I feel you. I have read only a few books this year because I didn't feel in the mood to read. But, you know what helped me? That I started reading the books I WANTED instead of the books I needed to read. Like, I requested too many eARCs and then I was reading them because they were close to the release date and not because I wanted to read them.
    Now that I'm reading the books I buy and the eARCs I want to read sooner, well, that helped!
    Hmmm... that was long, sorry!
    Hope you enjoy all your new books!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about being in the right mood for certain books. There are some books that I love no matter what mood I'm in but there are others I liked because I was in the right mood, and others that I disliked because I wasn't in the right mood to be reading it.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of Warbringer!

    Thanks for sharing, great post!
    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles