Book Review: What the Raven Brings by John Owen Theobald

Title: What the Raven Brings
Serie: Ravenmaster Trilogy #2
Author: John Owen Theobald
Genre: Young Adult/ Historical Fiction
Published: December 1st 2016
Publisher: Head of Zeus

Page count: 370 pages
Format: Hardcover
Source: From author in exchange of an honest review

Book Summary:
London, 1942: the Blitz is over but the war rages on. With the country still fighting for its existence, a young girl takes to the skies... After her mother was killed in an air raid, Anna Cooper was sent to live with her uncle, the Ravenmaster at the Tower of London. Now, he too is dead. His dying wish was for Anna to be the next Ravenmaster, keeper of the birds who, according to legend, guard the fate of the kingdom. But the Tower authorities won't stand for a female Ravenmaster, let alone one who is not yet sixteen years old. Denied her destiny, Anna is desperate to escape the Tower and join the war effort. She bluffs her way into the glamorous - and dangerous - world of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. But no matter how high she flies, Anna can't escape her past... nor the secret that it conceals. A secret that could change the course of the war. 
*The Chef's Review*
    Actual rating: 5/5 stars

I love the second book of the Ravenmaster Trilogy. What the Raven Brings was such an entertaining read and I found it inspiring. Anna Cooper is still the main character in this series but in this installment you see her turning into a young woman. A lot of things change in Anna's life and you can feel her world expanding as you read more of her story.

What I Liked:

My favorite part of this book is how empowering women become as the story progresses. Anna still lives inside a world dominated by men, but you can actually see how things are changing for women even though they don't get full recognition yet. Anna grows from the naive girl she used to be in the first book to a smart woman conscious of the hardships of war. Along her journey, she meets great female characters that are brave and inspiring, and I enjoyed reading about them too. 

Also, I really liked the relationship that Anna develops with Timothy Squire. He is introduced as Anna's friend in the first book, but they later become more than friends. However, I liked that their relationship wasn't the main focus of their lives and they still worked hard to achieve their independent goals. I thought Timothy was really sweet and I loved the way he took care of the ravens at the Tower of London just because Anna had asked him to (although he didn't really need to).

I think one of my favorite parts in this book is when Anna goes off to join a pilot school for women, WAAF, which stands for the Women's Auxiliary Air Force. In there she meets Joy Brooks, one of my favorite secondary characters inside this story. She is one of the American women who came to help in the war. She was quite a refreshing and fun to read character!

Final Verdict:

What the Raven Brings is a wonderful book. I personally thought it to be an inspiring read and while it is a historical fiction book, I was pleased to find humor inside the story even a tiny bit of romance. I'm highly looking forward to reading the next book in this trilogy!

Happy reading! -- The Chef 

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