Book Review: The Auctor Trilogy by T.R. Wolf

Title: The Auctor Trilogy
Author: T.R. Wolf
Genre: YA Fantasy
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published:  November 28th, 2016
Page Count:  481 pages
Format:  Paperback
Source: From the author in exchange of an honest opinion

When seventeen-year-old Addie Auctor’s mother is murdered by her father, she must confront many secrets that her family has hidden from her. The worst of these secrets is that Addie’s father, Donovan Hawthorne, is still hunting Addie because of an ancient blood feud between her mother’s family, the Auctors, and her father’s family, the House of Hawthorne. In order to be protected from the House of Hawthorne, Addie and her brother, Augustus, are sent to Initiation at an exclusive University, the Wicked Cabal. 
Initiation is nothing like Addie expects. She is immediately separated from Augustus and thrown in with four complete strangers – Fallon, Maddox, Liam, and Tempe. Addie must try to forge friendships with her fellow Initiates while they solve clues, battle mystical creatures, and explore increasingly dangerous places. 
Readers of all ages will love this adventure filled with suspense, treachery, and romance. 
*The Reader's Review*
My rating: 3.5/5 stars
Well, this was a fun read! I didn't expect The Auctor Trilogy to be a survival type of read since I expected more magic to be involved in a boarding school, but I liked it and I'm looking forward to the next installment!

What I Liked:

I've been reading a lot of books about survival lately so it was a pleasant surprise when this book turned out to be about teenagers with magical powers who are forced to go through an initiation in order to attend The Wicked Cabal--an exclusive University for those who have magic in their blood. The characters are thrown into a mysterious setting in two different groups each made out of 5 people and they have to find their way to the finish line before time runs out.

The setting was one of my favorite things about this book! The characters somehow find themselves deep in the mountains surrounded by woods with only a backpack to their name with all the necessary things needed to survive. I love traveling inside woods because anything can hide in them and I'm glad to say that the author used this setting well. Dragons! Elves! Mystical trees! Many things popped out from the shadows (or hid inside them) and it was thrilling to  see what would come out next. 

What I cannot believe is that the school would place their students into such dangerous situations! They are supposedly proving their endurance and driving out their magic, but truth be told,  so many things were beyond crazy, like having to battle with a dragon or cross an obstacle course that's basically a death trap without actual help. One thing is for the University to be on the sidelines, ready to protect you in case you might possibly get hurt, but this place actually lets you fight for your life. Um, NOPE. I'm fine playing magic tricks on my own without this University in my life (if I had magical powers, that is). However, I do want to see the characters set foot inside it just to see how much worse it can get because honestly, The Wicked Cabal sounds like a terrifying school and I want to see it go down.

What Left Me Wanting More:

I liked most of the characters in The Auctor Trilogy, but I wasn't that crazy with the relationships, especially with the romance between Addie and Maddox. Maddox was awfully mean to her in the beginning, and while I understand his reasoning, I do not get why he fell hard for her so quickly. Both of them. I LIKE them together, just not how quickly it happened. At least it felt too quick for me.

I also did not like how Augustus, Addie's twin brother, acted sometimes when it came to her. Same with her grandmother. They pointlessly kept secrets from Addie and that drove me a bit crazy. For such a serious situation, they sure acted childish.

Final Verdict:

The Auctor Trilogy is  a fun read, perfect for readers who enjoy venturing into the magical unknown. It wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but I still enjoyed my time with the characters and I'm curious to see how things play out in the next book now that initiation is over.


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  2. I need to be able to feel the characters feelings especially for the romantic aspects and if I can't understand why the characters like and/or love each other then I can't ship it. I'm glad that you still enjoyed the book though!

    Thanks for sharing!
    ~Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles