#BroodyBFF ~ Favorite Brooding Book Boyfriends

Hi everyone! So, one of my favorite book boyfriends, Broody McHottiePants, asked me the other day to share with him who were my favorite brooding book boyfriends, and I sweated. It felt like a trick question since this dashing, eye-smoldering, drop-dead gorgeous guy was asking ME to talk about other guys, with an innocent smile that DID NOT AFFECT ME AT ALL. Okay, maybe a little. (Fine, a lot). Anyway, I told him I would think about it to save face and not instantly hurt his feelings, but I guess now he must understand that while I do love him, there are others who have enamored my heart as well (but no worries Broody, you are on this list too of course!).

1. Prince Tristan de Montigny from Stolen Songbird

Arrogant. Jerk. A troll. Gorgeously brooding. And the secret leader of a rebellion. Naturally, he is the perfect brooding book boyfriend for me. I've been in love with Tristan de Montigny since 2014 to the point of changing my twitter name to Melissa de Montigny and I haven't been able to change it back. Did I mention that he's a prince? Yeah, there's nothing I love more than brooding book princes.  Tristan is my all-time favorite book boyfriend and if you love brooding, then this guy is perfect to look at and NOT TOUCH BECAUSE HE IS MINE, BACK OFF. *Clears throat* No, but seriously, this book boyfriend is amazing! Plus, he loves food. ;)

2. Ash from The Iron Fey

My second favorite book boyfriend! Ash is THE reason why brooding book boyfriends are my all-time favorites. His tragic past and an upbringing in the winter court turned him into a dark and devastatingly gorgeous old soul and ugh, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

3. Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows

I know, I know, Kaz Brekker is a bastard but I can't help loving him. I just can't! I love how smart and quick-thinking he is, like, he always has a way out and a plan for EVERYTHING. Need something done? He knows exactly how to achieve it. Something goes wrong? Yeah, he probably planned that too. And apparently, when he loves, he is the gentlest person in the world. ♥♥♥

4. Henry from The Goddess Test 

I truly believe Henry is one of the most underrated brooding book boyfriends in YA, yet he will always belong in my top favorites list. He is the god of the Underworld (aka Hades) and oh-my-beating heart, I need one like him in my life. So sweet and caring, unfairly criticized over his unrequited love for Persephone, and extremely powerful. I mean, he rules over the dead!!!!! Not sure if I'd move into the Underworld to live with him though, it sounds a bit dreary. 

5. Prince Tristan from The Rise of the Dawnstar

ANOTHER PRINCE CALLED TRISTAN. I'm telling you, all Prince Tristans are the best! And this one is also brooding and amazing and aasalkjsskdjl. I will get a teensy bit spoilery with this and say that while Tristan may not be the main love interest of The Avalonia Chronicles (he is introduced in the second book and I fear that he is on the losing end of the complicated love triangle) he is the absolute best and Prince Rafe doesn't hold a candle to him. Okay, okay, Prince Rafe is also awesomely brooding but I don't care if the MC picks him as long as Tristan can be mine. You know what? All the Prince Tristans should be mine. I call dibs!

6. Thomas Cresswell from Stalking Jack the Ripper

I cheat a bit in this one because Thomas is certainly not as brooding as my other loves, but he starts a bit as one and I have to take every chance I get to yell into the wind that Thomas is indeed, mine. Plus, he is smart enough to rival many typical brooding book boyfriends and drive them mad. Thomas has so much sass in him and I love him for it. ♥

Last, but not least, my other one and only. The embodiment of every smoldering gaze, tragic and misunderstood past, and the reason why my knees go weak. I feel that every tweet you send out is about me, about us, and since I'm a main character in my story, we are perfect for each other. 
I mean, how can you not fall in love with THIS:
Speaks to my soul & such lovable arrogance! *swoons*
(Seriously though, 'Mi Pescado' is just a whole other level LOL).

And there you have it! All my favorite, ridiculously handsome and brooding, book boyfriends. Who are a few of your favorites? ♥



  2. Brooding YA Hero is really hilarious XD I love him too :D