Cover Reveal: 100 Hours by Rachel Vincent + Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Today I'm thrilled to bring you the cover reveal of 100 Hours, the first book in a new trilogy by New York Times best-selling author Rachel Vincent, which releases on March 28, 2017 from Katherine Tegen Books! 

Rachel Vincent is one of my all-time favorite authors and I'm so happy she has this new trilogy coming out! Besides checking out the gorgeous cover, keep reading for a note from the author about her upcoming novel and an amazing giveaway you don't want to miss!

So without further ado....



Isn't it so cool?! I can't wait to have this book in my hands! Now read a bit more about it!


100 HOURS by Rachel Vincent
Release date: March 28, 2017
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Pages: 368
Formats available to pre-order: Hardcover

Book Summary:
Maddie is beyond done with her cousin Genesis’s entitled and shallow entourage. Genesis is so over Miami’s predictable social scene with its velvet ropes, petty power plays, and backstabbing boyfriends.
While Maddie craves family time for spring break, Genesis seeks novelty—like a last-minute getaway to an untouched beach in Colombia. And when Genesis wants something, it happens.
But paradise has its price. Dragged from their tents under the cover of dark, Genesis, Maddie, and their friends are kidnapped and held for ransom deep inside the jungle—with no diva left behind. It all feels so random to everyone except Genesis. She knows they were targeted for a reason. And that reason is her.
Now, as the hours count down, only one thing’s for certain: If the Miami hostages can’t set aside their personal problems, no one will make it out alive.
A Note from Rachel Vincent:

In my upcoming YA suspense 100 HOURS, Genesis and her cousin Maddie come from opposite ends of the privilege spectrum, but when they wind up kidnapped for ransom during spring break in Colombia and have no one else to count on, they discover they have more in common than either of them thought.

If you’ve read any of my previous releases, 100 HOURS probably seems like a departure for a Rachel Vincent book. And that’s what I thought, back when it was just me and an idea. But as I wrote the story and got to know the characters, I realized that even though this book is set in the Colombian jungle and these characters have no supernatural abilities, 100 HOURS is very much a book about the themes that draw me in over and over. Survival. Family friction and loyalty. High-stakes pulse-racing action. Twists, turns, secrets, and revelations. Girls who can fend for themselves—and for anyone else who needs help.


About Rachel Vincent

Photo credit: Kim Haynes Photography
Rachel Vincent is a former English teacher and an eager champion of the Oxford comma. She shares her home in Oklahoma with two cats, two teenagers, and her husband, who’s been her # 1 fan from the start. Rachel is older than she looks and younger than she feels, and she remains convinced that writing about the things that scare her is the cheapest form of therapy—but social media is a close second.


The Giveaway

Courtesy of the author, there is a blitz-wide giveaway for…
  • ONE (1) winner will receive a SIGNED SET of a paperback copy of THE STARS NEVER RISE + an ARC of THE FLAME NEVER DIES
Giveaway is US only (sorry INTL peeps! :( ). Must be 13 or older to enter. Giveaway ends on July 11th at 11:59 PM Pacific. 

Good luck!

The Week's Entrée #104

Hi everyone! Welcome to another edition of The Week's Entrée!

I can't believe June is almost over! How is this possible?! I'm starting to stress out because I'm waaaaay behind with my reading challenge *cries*. 37 books, you guys. I've only read 37 books this year so far. I know a book blogger who reads that amount in just one month. Which is super cool! I only wish to catch up with my 120 book challenge. AND I WILL CATCH UP, I PROMISE. 

Hehehe funny Spongebob. How are you all doing with your challenges? :)
Latest book reviews in other sites:

I reviewed Supremacy by Christin Lee on YA Books Central

I  had a bit of trouble coming to terms with my own feelings for this book. It was a good read, but I found several things that didn't add up with the story, so sometimes I ended up being confused or frustrated. However, the world-building is cool so it got major points from me on that department.

Here's the book's summary:

Kate Parker, is a 17 year old senior living in Texas. She's on the swim team, has two incredible best friends, and a passion for saving animals. She falls hard when she meets a mysterious and fascinating guy named Lucas. He has a sexy accent and a killer smile. However, she sees unexplained pain and anger in his dark brown eyes. He claims he’s a foreign exchange student from Spain who is attending the local University—Kate knows there’s more to his story than that. She works hard to discover who he is—what he is.
New books!
{For review}

From authors, publishers, Netgalley/Edelweiss, etc.

*Cries from happiness* Thanks Little, Brown Books for Young Readers for the access to these two wonderful books. I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THEM, specially for Stalking Jack the Ripper.


My parents finally brought home my copy of ACOMAF! I'm pretty excited to finally start reading it. Maybe next week! I also got myself a kindle copy of Winter by Marissa Meyer! It was on sale a few days ago for $2.99. Now I have the four books ♥ I only need Stars Above and Fairest to complete my digital collection.


I won this from the author in Entangled Teen's chat last Thursday! ♥

To Read This Week:


I'm halfway through Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel and so far it's reaaaally good. Different. I like different! Then I plan on reading Rose & Thorn by Sarah Prineas. I love the cover so so much.
And that's it for The Week's Entrée! What are you reading? :)

#EveryMomentCounts Challenge Update: Days 1-10

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a small update on how we're doing with the #EveryMomentCounts challenge hosted by Sourcebooks Fire for This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp.

To sum it up, this challenge is all about creating as many "moments" as possible in 54 days from June 15 to August 7. For more info check out the official page for the challenge and other resources here.

My sister & I have been posting our daily updates on our bookstagram (@thereaderandthechef), so if you want to check out our full posts there you are more than welcome to do so. ♥ (Click the images to find the original post on Instagram!)


Day one was all about baking & just hanging out in the kitchen. We prepared desserts for future posts on Instagram and then thinking about how we can make the best of this challenge. It was such a fun day (though quite messy in the end when we had to pick everything up!).


Day 2 was a cool day since we received this chalkboard, chalks and lanyard exclusively for the challnge. Sourcebooks ROCKS. It was a memorable day (and embarrassing because bookmail makes me completely disregard my appearance in my haste to receive packages).

However, what we really planned for day 2 was to finally re-paint our room. Which we did. And we listened to part of an audiobook. It was fun!


For day 3 I faced one of my fears and scratched a thing off my bucketlist: I WENT TO THE MOVIES ALONE. I was TERRIFIED and on the verge of throwing up from nerves, but in the end I toughed it out (with the amazing support of my twitter friends) and I enjoyed Warcraft with the sole company of The Rose & the Dagger. I'm so happy I did this!


My sister & I took it slow on day 4 by just indulging our sweet teeth. However, some long distance relatives surprised us by visiting for the weekend and we spent all afternoon hanging out with a cousin watching movies and eating lots of junk food.


I took the better part of my Sunday morning trying to take a rainbow bookish pic with my boxer dog, IT WAS SO DARN HARD. She hardly stays still, but after much convincing, petting and waiting for her to fall asleep, I woke her up and managed to snap it before she even realized what was happening *fist-bumps air*. In the afternoon we went out to watch The Conjuring 2 with our cousin and I might have gotten spooked. I don't watch horror/suspense movies for a reason... #scaredycat.


This day was a bit bittersweet since we said goodbye to our visiting relatives. We enjoyed their company and we hope to see them again soon! In the afternoon we had fun playing with cupcakes and books. ;)


For day 7 we just enjoyed the outside. We did some much needed gardening and prepped some lemon sherbets! I also played around with these small umbrellas because they are so cute and tiny. ♥


Day 8 was another day for trying out different things. We had NEVER hung out so late in the big city, until this day. We went to watch Fathers & Daughters with a friend and we got out around 11 pm. It was weird, scary, and fun at the same time. After that, we went to pick up our parents at the airport and we came home around 2 am. 


This day was a happy one since we had not seen our parents for weeks, so we had a Carne Asada (a barbecue) and while it started out as just a small meal, it developed into a small party since our four grandparents, cousins and a great uncle came to the reunion. I, in my small bookish world, was also fangirling over the goodies our parents brought us.

DAY 10

Day 10 was so exciting since I received my first ever book in Spanish! I don't normally read in Spanish but I won this one and now I'm thinking that I SHOULD read the spanish editions of books that I've loved. NOW I SHALL HOARD THEM ALL! ♥
And that's it for this update! Are you participating on this challenge? Let me know so I can visit your posts!

Book Review: I, Angus by Mike Hartner

Title: I, Angus
Series: The Eternity Series #4
Author: Mike Hartner
Genre: Historical Fiction
Published:  June 21st, 2016
Format:  eARC
Source: From author in exchange of an honest review

During a time of civil strife and purging the North has lost more men to Wars then it ever did to Nature. 
Angus has grown up learning that his life is better off with only him and a family. But is that really in the Grand Plan? 
The North needs someone to build community. 
But first, he needs to be beaten, shaped, bolded and trained. 

Watch as Angus hits both lows and highs across the lands of England, Scotland and France, before meeting a challenge of new land.
*The Reader's Review*
My rating: 4.5/5 stars

I've been following the Eternity Series since the beginning, and while I have loved and enjoyed Walter, James, and Mary Crofter's life adventures, I don't think I've been as invested in a story as much as I was with Angus's incredibly inspiring journey.

I, Angus tells the tale of the last male member of Clan Mackenzie from Scotland. At the age of 15, Angus loses his father and sister in an attack at their own castle, which was also left in ruins by cause of fire. Before his death, his father sent him to deliver a message to a Scot's castle, only for him to come across with the man's daughter of his own age, who was left all alone in the castle. After a series of events and by force of nature, Angus and the girl, Angela, are forced to take shelter in a cave, along with three wounded people. They eventually fall in love, but fate has other plans for Angus, taking him into a painful yet rewarding journey where he will learn to trust the road that God and his faith have set out for him.

I didn't expect to love Angus' character as much as I did, but it was truly hard not to given how this person is such an inspiring human being. I admired his will to pull through difficult times and risk his own life in order to protect those in need or to do what is right. I felt his pain and felt his joys. As a whole, I wish he would have had more joys than pains, but life during his time wasn't a easy one. Still, Angus' journey is one that really set things to motion for the better good of Scots, French and many others.

In all honesty, I don't know whether I, Angus is historically accurate or not--although I am aware that a Clan Mackenzie existed, as well as the Clan MacDonald and a few others mentioned--but as far as things go, this book rings with authenticity in the way of capturing the essence of the Scottish and other European societies during the 1700's. They are tough times and full of dangers in every corner, yet faith, people's good will, and bravery is what truly stands out in this hostile era.

The only drawback I found in this book is that, despite how much I enjoy the author's writing, I did feel it gets a bit slow two-thirds into the story. I skimmed a few pages to hurry up my progress and I don't believe I missed anything important. Do feel a bit guilty though for doing so!

Other than that, I, Angus turned out to be another rewarding read from Mike Hartner and an excellent addition to the Eternity Series. If you enjoy historical fiction novels told as memoirs with adventure, a hint of romance, but most of all, noble characters that we could all take a page out of their books, then you will surely come to enjoy any book in this series (which can be read as standalones!).

The Week's Entrée #103

Welcome to another edition of The Week's Entrée!

Hellooooooo Summer! While I sometimes *may* complain a bit about the sweltering heat, I still LOVE this season because a) birthday season, b) we're closer to autumn ♥ and, c) BIRTHDAY SEASON. I'm not one to do such a fuss about my birthday (coming up on August) but it's the only day I can demand more books :D. Also, CAKE. My birthday cake shall be a literary cake! Caaaaaan't wait. 

Are you excited about summer? What are your favorite summer reads? :)


New books!
{For review}
From authors, publishers, Netgalley/Edelweiss, etc.

I received my first ever unsolicited book for review! Take that, book blogging goals list.  Many thanks to Merit Press for Breakfast with Neruda ♥♥♥. Another huge thanks to HarperCollins for approving my request of Replica by Lauren Oliver. I SQUEALED when I received the email since this book is highly anticipated and HarperCollins tends to reject all my requests LOL. This one will be reviewed on YABC!

To Read This Week:


I think I will crack open Breakfast with Neruda and then Every Hidden Thing by Kenneth Oppel. Hope I love them both. ♥

And that's it for The Week's Entrée! What are you reading? :)

Bilingual Book Review: The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash

Title: The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love
Author: Sarvenaz Tash
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Published:  June 14th, 2016
Page Count:  256 pages
Format:  eARC
Source: From publisher via Edelweiss

John Hughes meets Comic Con in this hilarious, unabashedly romantic, coming-of-age novel about a teenager who is trying to get his best friend to fall in love with him from the author of Three Day Summer.

Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy...
Archie and Veronica...
Althena and Noth...
...Graham and Roxy?

Graham met his best friend, Roxana, when he moved into her neighborhood eight years ago, and she asked him which Hogwarts house he’d be sorted into. Graham has been in love with her ever since.

But now they’re sixteen, still neighbors, still best friends. And Graham and Roxy share more than ever—moving on from their Harry Potter obsession to a serious love of comic books.

When Graham learns that the creator of their favorite comic, The Chronicles of Althena, is making a rare appearance at this year’s New York Comic Con, he knows he must score tickets. And the event inspires Graham to come up with the perfect plan to tell Roxy how he really feels about her. He’s got three days to woo his best friend at the coolest, kookiest con full of superheroes and supervillains. But no one at a comic book convention is who they appear to be...even Roxy. And Graham is starting to realize fictional love stories are way less complicated than real-life ones. 
*The Reader's Review*
My rating: 5/5 stars
*First Published on YABC!*

A Standout In The Field Of Unrequited Love ♥

Geeky Perfection. That's the best label I can think of for The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love. This book is a sweet, hilarious, and totally epic ride about friendship, fandom, Comic Cons, self-discovery, and of course, dealing with unrequited love.

Graham is a self-proclaimed geek in love with his best friend, Roxana. After debating countless of times of how and when he should finally profess his love, the answer comes to him when it is announced that their favorite comic author will have a Q&A session in the upcoming New York Comic Con. From then on, Graham plans it all. He will show Roxy that they could be more than best friends by spending three special days full of the things that they love the most in the world. Except, things not always go as planned.

My expectations for this book were really high after seeing its fun and colorful cover a couple of months ago, and I'm beyond pleased to say this book definitely delivered. You won't hear me say anything bad about it because I loved it from front to back. It's entertaining, incredibly sweet, and a total page-turner. One minute I was reading chapter one and the next thing I knew I was rating it its well-deserved five stars (even wishing to go to a Comic Con soon!).

Our superhero (because that's what he is in a non-literal way), is one of the best male main characters I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Graham's dedication to prove himself worthy of Roxy's love is so sweet, he made ME fall in love with him right from the start. Not to mention that he is also funny, a talented writer, and a great friend to have around.

Sarvenaz Tash not only created a great lead character, but also brings to life incredibly authentic characters in this book. All of them are fun and the kind you want to have in your life. I liked how the author even proves with one character how stereotypes of the "popular and pretty" kind often get it all wrong. Really well done. 

And to those who are a geek at heart (like me) will find that this book is a splendid window towards all the fun that takes place inside a Comic Con. So many great references, but my favorite part of all was the one about The Princess Bride. Fans of this classic will be highly amused! 

Final Verdict:

The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love is a delightful story about the pros and cons of taking the next step into an unrequited love. It will take readers on a fast-paced journey of self-discovery and of looking forward to new possibilities. We need more books just like this one!

*Spanish Review*
(For the first time ever, eeeeep!!)

Sarvenaz Tash se ha unido a mi lista de autores favoritos. Este libro es una historia única, divertida, y con mucho corazón. Los personajes son adorables y muy fácil de relacionar, especialmente Graham. ¡Simplemente me enamoré!

Mis espectativas para este libro eran muy altas después de haber visto su portada tan colorida y divertida hace algunos meses, y me da gusto afirmar que me dejó satisfecha. No tengo ningún comentario malo que decir porque amé este libro completamente. Es gracioso, increíblemente dulce y te hace voltear las páginas rápidamente. 

Nuestro superhéroe (porque Graham lo es para mí) es uno de los mejores personajes principales de perspectiva masculina que jamás haya tenido la fortuna de leer. Su dedicación de provarse como la mejor opción amorosa para Roxy es tan dulce que hasta a MÍ me enamoró. Eso sin mencionar que es gracioso, un escritor talentoso, y un gran amigo.

Pero Sarvenaz Tash no tan solo creó un gran personaje principal, sino también le dió vida a personajes increíblemente auténticos. Todos son divertidos y del tipo que quisiera tener a mi lado. Incluso me encantó como un personaje vence el típico estereotipo de "bonita pero tonta/mala". Muy bien hecho. 

Veredicto final:

The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love es una hermosa historia sobre los pros y contras de tomar el siguiente paso en una historia de amor no correspondido. Llevará a los lectores en una travesía rápida sobre identificación personal y en la espera de nuevas posibilidades. ¡Definitivamente necesitamos más libros como éste!

Just Jake (Heavy Influence Series) Teaser Trailer + Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Omg omg omg, I am excited to share with you all today the teaser trailer for JUST JAKE, a short film based on the Heavy Influence series by Ann Marie Frohoff!!!!! You guys, I didn't know about this until yesterday and AAAAH, I'M EXCITED! I just LOVE this series and the epic original soundtrack the first book has. I've yet to catch up with the last books because every time I read them they just gut me and I mainly go into depression, but man, they are GOOD.

Anyway, so the news about a short film (and a series I believe!!!) is so darn amazing and I cannot wait. So without further ado....
Just Jake Teaser Trailer:
Where Love Makes or Breaks The Music..

JAKE!!! ♥♥♥ So haaawt! I think the actor's name is Liam and I approve of him as my Jake!
The Heavy Influence Series:

First Kiss (Heavy Influence #1) 
by Ann Marie Frohoff

About an up and coming teenage rocker on the verge of stardom, when the girl next door becomes something more; they're forced to face the harsh realities on his road to fame and the expectations of their friends and family. Sacrifices are made as everything changes as they know it.

You can get this book for FREE on Amazon

This book is mostly YA, but the rest of the books are NA and sooooo good. 

The final book in the Heavy Influence series, LOVE AMPLIFIED will be released October 25, 2016! In case you are interested in participating to promote the book, you can fill out this form:

These two will be the death of me!! And yet... *swoons*

Open Internationally!

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Book Review: The Cilantro In Apple Pie by Kimberley Nadine Knights

Title: The Cilantro In Apple Pie
Author: Kimberley Nadine Knights
Publisher:  Ravenswood Publishing
Published:  May 5th 2016
Page count: 310 pages
Format: eBook
Source: From author in exchange of my honest opinion

Goodreads | Amazon

Book Summary:
Fragnut. Confused? Well so is everyone else at Lumiere Hall Prep when sixteen-year-old Rubie Keane rolls in from Trinidad and Tobago talking her weird lingo. Not that she minds the culture confusion; she's determined to leave the past behind her and be overlooked—but a certain stoic blue blood is equally as determined to foil her plans.

Gil Stromeyer's offbeat personality initially makes Rubie second-guess his sanity, but she suspects his erratic outbursts of violence mask a deeper issue in his troubled, charmed life. Despite his disturbing behavior, a gradual bond forms between the two. However, on the night of the annual Stromeyer gala, events unfold that leave Rubie stripped of her dignity and kick Gil's already fragile world off its axis.

Both their well-kept secrets are uncovered, but Gil's revelation proves that sometimes the best remedy for a bad case of lost identity, is a dash of comradery from an ally packed with flavor.

 *The Chef's Review*
    Actual rating: 5/5 stars

This book. This BOOK. I adored it.
It's been a while since I've read a book that has made me fall completely for the male lead character. Actually, I loved all of the characters, including the MC Rubie, but Gil Stromeyer just happens to be my very favorite. I simply couldn't put the book down and at the same time, I didn't want to finish and I found myself delaying the inevitable end as much as I could.

This is why I loved it:

  • It has a great storyline. I was completely hooked the moment I started reading it. It has great content and I don't remember ever getting bored while reading. Even though this story has some dramatic/heavy themes, the author still manages to bring humor and lightness to it. Also, I love the way the author kept the story entertaining and doesn't drag out moments. 
  • Gil Stromeyer. Tall, gorgeous, smart, icy blue eyes, thrilling personality ... need I say more?
  • The characters were wonderful! I felt them so real while I was reading this book. I particularly enjoyed reading about the three Stromeyer brothers since they have very different personalities and unique ways of living that made them so interesting. 
  • I loved the settings of this story. I can totally picture the town in which Rubie lives. It seems like if it were made up by the author, but I have come across some towns like "name", charming and all, which made it so much the easier to imagine. One of my favorite parts was the Halloween festival that the town celebrated because it was so enchanting (to me).
  • Another thing that I believe is important to mention is that this is not a romance book. Oddly enough, it worked well without and I love it this way. Even though that at first I thought it had potential of being a love story, the plot changed course before something like that could happen.

This is what I didn't like:
  • NADA. There wasn't a single part in The Cilantro in Apple Pie that I didn't love. I have no negative comments. I truly enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend it. This is the kind of story that I am extremely fond of and wished everyone picked up to see how amazing it is. Enough said.