My Maker's Keeper Blog Tour: Author Q&A + INTL Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my stop in the blog tour of My Maker's Keeper by Tiffany Current! My Maker's Keeper is YA Paranormal Romance about vampires releasing on November 1st and it's one you have to add to your TBR, it sounds amazing. So for today, I'm excited to share with you all a short Q&A with author Tiffany Current, an excerpt of this book and a pretty sweet international giveaway (found at the end of the post). Thanks for stopping by & enjoy!

My Maker's Keeper
by Tiffany Current
Release Date: November 1, 2016
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Hannah Clark used to be an ordinary girl. She used to be a lot of things. Until she was bitten.

Five months ago, Hannah woke up in the middle of the woods as a vampire. She didn’t know how it happened or who turned her. She just knew she wasn’t safe in her hometown anymore.

Fort Wayne was supposed to be her fresh start. Her chance to finish high school without any other incidents. But then she met Jackson. Their attraction was instant and awakened something deep inside of her. Her thirst for blood.

Things only got worse when her maker, Lucas, came to town. He might have been sexy, but he was one dangerous vampire. And if Hannah wanted to keep Jackson safe, she had to protect him from Lucas’ ravenous ways. Even though she found herself excited by them.

But Lucas wasn’t there for her. Something sinister was happening in town. Vampires were going missing, and if Hannah didn’t want to be next, she had to work with Lucas to solve the mystery. But could she trust him? Or should she trust Jackson? She had to make a choice—and her life might just depend on it.
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*Q&A with Tiffany*

Hi Tiffany! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this Q&A with me today! My Maker's Keeper is a book about a girl who gets turned to a vampire and yet she's someone who wants to carry on with her life as normally as possible, how is she able to do this? What Vampire myths does Hannah prove in this book as only that, myths?

Basically, Hannah just tries to pretend like nothing has happened. She goes to school, plays down her strength, eats human food (even though she doesn't enjoy it). She keeps the fact that she was turned a secret from everyone -- even her mom. The only problem is that the vampire side of her keeps trying to come out. And when it bubbles to the surface, that's when she gets into trouble.

As for vampire myths, in My Maker's Keeper, vampires can actually see themselves in the mirror. Their reflection looks the same, but there's just a bright halo around it. Like the glass can't quite take the sight of them. 

When did you first realize that you wanted to contribute to the Vampire lore? 

I've always wanted to write about vampires! I love vampires. I read about vampires, I watch television shows about vampires, and I devour movies about vampires. There's just something about vampires that's intriguing to me, so I'm glad I got to write a story about them.

If you and Hannah could meet one Vampire (from literature, movies, etc.) and each get to ask him/her a question, who would it be and what would you ask?

I'd want to talk to Damon Salvatore (played by the incredibly gorgeous Ian Somerhalder) on the TV show version of The Vampire Diaries. I'd ask him if I could be his Katherine.

Thanks so much for answering all my questions, Tiffany! ♥ 



My eyes went to the clock. Ten seconds left in the game. As the time ticked down, my shoulders tensed, sensing something so familiar and so close. I stood up, scanning the crowd. When my eyes met hers, I instantly recognized what she was.
            A vampire.
A striking one. She had short, bright pink hair, porcelain skin, and wore a tight jumpsuit under her leather jacket. She didn’t look a day over eighteen, but her face told me she was a vampire not to be messed with. Beside her sat another vampire wearing a similar leather jacket. He was a few years older, with dark, luscious hair and inviting lips. He looked like a fallen angel. The kind who would’ve fought for the other side. He stared back at me stiffly. His dark brown eyes reminding me exactly how I knew him.
            He was my maker. 
            Instantly, a shot of pain hit me right in the chest. It was as if an invisible hand had taken hold of my heart and was squeezing it tighter and tighter. I gasped, clutching frantically at my shirt.
“Are you okay?” Emily asked.
I tried to speak, but my mind went fuzzy. Only one thing seemed to slip through. My maker. I wanted him. I needed to please him. It didn’t matter what he asked for, I would obey. And be grateful for it.
The buzzer rang, snapping me back to reality. That overwhelming need to please was replaced by shame and anger. What was wrong with me? Why was I even thinking those things? My eyes flicked back to where my maker had been sitting. He was gone. I ran out of the gym with one thing on my mind. I had to find them.
The hallway was crowded with people. I tried to push my way through, but there were too many of them. I stopped suddenly, feeling the chill in the air. They were behind me. I whirled around. Just a few feet away were my maker and the other vampire. They stood unmoving as the crowd wove in between them. My maker stared at me with absolutely no expression on that beautiful face of his. I didn’t know what bothered me more. That he showed no remorse, or that I found him attractive.

About Tiffany Current

Tiffany Current earned her Bachelor's degree in dramatic writing from Drexel University. Her first book, the self-help relationship guide How to Move in with Your Boyfriend (and Not Break Up with Him), was published by Turner Publishing in 2011.

Tiffany writes paranormal romance, young adult, urban fantasy, and self-help books. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys reading books, watching trashy action movies, and eating chocolate.


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