Classic Fridays #8: Diverse Books

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This Week's Topic:

... Diverse Books...

What’s your definition of a diverse book?
For me, a book is diverse when each character has its own voice. Characters that are not only defined by their skin color, gender, orientation, religion or culture, but able to represent and express how our world (and fictional worlds) truly is. With many dreams. Different opinions. Equal worth.

What should a diverse book include/not include? Why or why not?
Oh, I think everything! I feel that each book is diverse in its own way, the only thing that each book needs is to rightly represent us humans (and aliens and monsters and our entire world). To respect. Enhance. Love the differences and similarities between each human being.

Is your current read diverse?

I'm reading A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas so I think it is a bit? There are lots of fairies and humans and beings that I'm not sure what they are exactly. I don't know if a character is described by skin tone, but I imagine everyone differently. Different skin tones and such. I even imagine Feyre with slanted eyes haha.

In what way is your book diverse?
I think that the whole idea of the courts divided by season and daylight gives the opportunity to showcase colorful characters.

Do you think there is enough diversity in books published nowadays?
Not at all, but we are getting there! I hope for a day that everywhere we look, diverse books will be part of our normal bookish world.

In what way do you think the book community has grown to accept and promote diverse books?
The thing is, the book community is the one that's been pleading for diverse books, so much that we finally made our voice heard. Naturally, we are just glad to promote them even more.

What are some of your favorite diverse books?
These are two of my faves but there are so many out there that I want to read too!

Why do you think it’s important for there to be diverse books?
Because we all need our voice heard. To proudly display who we are so others can also see us.

When did you start enjoying more books that are diverse?
A couple of years ago I started reading more diverse reads ad have not looked back since.

Explain your perfect scenario/plot of a diverse book that you wish would be written.
Ohh... this is tricky, but for example, as a Mexican I would love for authors to not only go by the usual cliches such as us only wearing sombreros and eating tacos or tamales 24/7. We do love tamales and we do love tacos but we also love pizza and spaghetti, including other delicious Mexican dishes. And while some wear sombreros, others wear hats and headbands, and basically dress like everybody else in this world. :)

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