Summer Blogger Promo Tour #5: Fay from Bibliophile Soprano

Hi everyone! It's the second week of the 2016 Summer Blogger Promo TourThis wonderful event was pulled together by the awesome ladies Amber & Jessica from The Book Bratz
The 2016 Summer Blogger Promo Tour consists on featuring one blogger every Sunday from July 3th to August 21st for the sole purpose of making new friends and to get to know them better through guest posts, interviews & other fun posts! 
Today, please welcome to the blog Fay from Bibliophile Soprano! She's here to talk about her new Bookstagram and what she has learned so far. Check it out!
Bookstagram, Baby!

The title works in two ways : “Bookstagram, Baby!” as a feature for bookstagram, and “Bookstagram Baby” - referring to a newborn bookstagram.

Because Instagram now allows switching of accounts, I finally decided to separate my bookish account from my personal account.

My bookstagram was created last June, and I would like to share the things I have learned so far:
  • Lighting is everything. Well, maybe not everything (I kinda chose that word because it rhymes, haha!), but it plays a major part. Because I think it would really be hard to manipulate filters just to make a dark picture bright. In my experience, you can only play with filters if you have a well-lit photo to edit in the first place.
  • Filters are your friends. You “meet” a lot of them on different editing apps/softwares, but I believe you stick with those that bring out the best in you. Or rather, your bookstagram feed. :)
  • Bookstagrammers are your BEST friends. The bookstagram community is really friendly and welcoming! You get tips and suggestions from fellow bookstagrammers, and when unexpected things happen (like your account getting deleted/hacked), you can rely on your bookstagram buddies to help your followers find you again.
  • Consistency is classy. I’ve noticed that themed accounts get the most attention. I call them #FEEDGOALS.  Personally, I love pastel-themed accounts the most.
  • Little things mean a lot. I find it really cute when I see photos of books with funkos, stuffed toys, pens, and random stuff. Major plus if the little things are related to the book itself!

These are just five things, and I keep learning. I guess the bottomline is: it takes a lot of effort to maintain a bookstagram account, and I salute all bookstagrammers out there, especially my friends from the Philippines!

I’m still trying to figure out what the theme of my bookstagram will be, because I used to post anything that came to mind before. I hope you’ll be there with me as I discover my theme and grow as a bookstagrammer.
I feel you in this, Fay. Bookstagram is such an awesome community, and as you slowly spend time on it, you learn to find your style and so many tricks to make your feed look better. Wish you all the luck with yours! ♥ Go follow Fay on IG as @
About Fay
Hi! I’m Fay, the blogger behind Bibliophile Soprano.

I’m an 18-year-old Speech Communication student at UP Diliman, and I’m also the founder of Veronica Rossi Philippines, a fanbase for New York Times bestselling author Veronica Rossi.

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  1. I definitely love Bookstagram it convinced me to start my blog. Hi Fay! :)