#EveryMomentCounts Challenge Update: Days 1-10

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you a small update on how we're doing with the #EveryMomentCounts challenge hosted by Sourcebooks Fire for This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp.

To sum it up, this challenge is all about creating as many "moments" as possible in 54 days from June 15 to August 7. For more info check out the official page for the challenge and other resources here.

My sister & I have been posting our daily updates on our bookstagram (@thereaderandthechef), so if you want to check out our full posts there you are more than welcome to do so. ♥ (Click the images to find the original post on Instagram!)


Day one was all about baking & just hanging out in the kitchen. We prepared desserts for future posts on Instagram and then thinking about how we can make the best of this challenge. It was such a fun day (though quite messy in the end when we had to pick everything up!).


Day 2 was a cool day since we received this chalkboard, chalks and lanyard exclusively for the challnge. Sourcebooks ROCKS. It was a memorable day (and embarrassing because bookmail makes me completely disregard my appearance in my haste to receive packages).

However, what we really planned for day 2 was to finally re-paint our room. Which we did. And we listened to part of an audiobook. It was fun!


For day 3 I faced one of my fears and scratched a thing off my bucketlist: I WENT TO THE MOVIES ALONE. I was TERRIFIED and on the verge of throwing up from nerves, but in the end I toughed it out (with the amazing support of my twitter friends) and I enjoyed Warcraft with the sole company of The Rose & the Dagger. I'm so happy I did this!


My sister & I took it slow on day 4 by just indulging our sweet teeth. However, some long distance relatives surprised us by visiting for the weekend and we spent all afternoon hanging out with a cousin watching movies and eating lots of junk food.


I took the better part of my Sunday morning trying to take a rainbow bookish pic with my boxer dog, IT WAS SO DARN HARD. She hardly stays still, but after much convincing, petting and waiting for her to fall asleep, I woke her up and managed to snap it before she even realized what was happening *fist-bumps air*. In the afternoon we went out to watch The Conjuring 2 with our cousin and I might have gotten spooked. I don't watch horror/suspense movies for a reason... #scaredycat.


This day was a bit bittersweet since we said goodbye to our visiting relatives. We enjoyed their company and we hope to see them again soon! In the afternoon we had fun playing with cupcakes and books. ;)


For day 7 we just enjoyed the outside. We did some much needed gardening and prepped some lemon sherbets! I also played around with these small umbrellas because they are so cute and tiny. ♥


Day 8 was another day for trying out different things. We had NEVER hung out so late in the big city, until this day. We went to watch Fathers & Daughters with a friend and we got out around 11 pm. It was weird, scary, and fun at the same time. After that, we went to pick up our parents at the airport and we came home around 2 am. 


This day was a happy one since we had not seen our parents for weeks, so we had a Carne Asada (a barbecue) and while it started out as just a small meal, it developed into a small party since our four grandparents, cousins and a great uncle came to the reunion. I, in my small bookish world, was also fangirling over the goodies our parents brought us.

DAY 10

Day 10 was so exciting since I received my first ever book in Spanish! I don't normally read in Spanish but I won this one and now I'm thinking that I SHOULD read the spanish editions of books that I've loved. NOW I SHALL HOARD THEM ALL! ♥
And that's it for this update! Are you participating on this challenge? Let me know so I can visit your posts!

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  1. I really loved seeing your updates on FB, what a meaningful challenge!