Armchair BEA Day 3: Beyond the Books & Beyond the Blog

Hi everyone! Today is day 3 of Armchair BEA 2016! 

In today's topics are we are moving our focus beyond the traditional format of the media we consume and create, a.k.a.  a look beyond books and our blog!

.....Beyond the Books.....

When it comes to books, my first choice will always be to read the words either in print or in digital. Reading is a special time for me and I like to have the power to control what I'm reading-- my pace, how I picture the characters, where I read, and when to stop. 

However, I sometimes do come out of my shell and like to experience a book through audio. It is NOT the same thing as reading because a) there's someone reading to you, and b) chances are, you will fall asleep if you are not driving or doing any other activity. 

To avoid falling asleep, I love to listen to audiobooks every time I jump into my treadmill. I quicken the pace of the narrator because it is generally too slow for me, I close my eyes, and then I magically transport myself into the story where I'm constantly walking. It's a cool way to exercise. 

Two audiobooks that I enjoyed:

If I Stay's audiobook has beautiful cello music in the beginning of every chapter. The narrator for Four's audiobook has a reaaaally sexy voice. Very fitting for our Four. ♥

.....Beyond the Blog.....

Besides my blog, Twitter is my favorite place to fangirl over books. This place is where I interact with awesome book bloggers, readers, and authors. And now that we can share gifs?

Another place where I've been enjoying to "talk" bookish is Instagram. So many fabulous book pictures and bookstagrammers out there. I have a personal account and just recently I've been a bit more active on the blog's bookstagram. In both places I post bookish pics that I think look awesome.

My instagram (@meliroblest):


Thanks for reading!

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  1. Meli, are we insta friends? I hope so. I'm at @obsessivecompulsivereader if not. I'm not on as much anymore so I don't recall. Girlie I can't do audiobooks. The voices wig me out.