Pixar Book Tag!

I was tagged quite a time ago by Ryan from Ryan's Bookish Confessions to do the Pixar Book Tag and I'm so glad I finally got around to do it! I'm not sure who created the tag but kudos to him/her since each movie and the description really got me thinking and feeling a bit nostalgic. ♥

Here we go!
Toy Story — A book where you wanted the characters to come to life
Can I pick series? Cause I definitely want all the characters from the Anna and the French Kiss series to come to life. I want Anna, Étienne, Lola, Cricket, Josh, and Isla to be my real friends. I would love to hang out with them in the movie theater in San Francisco and stroll in the lovely Parisian streets. Oh, I would be sooooo happy!

A Bugs Life— A character who goes through a transformation

Rachel, the middle sister in The Good Sister. I loved this character so much. She is so complex and at first hard to like because we are led to believe that she is at fault for certain things that eventually led to her sister's death. She carries that black sheep of the family armor through and through, until she meets a boy that inspires her to get back on the right track. He doesn't change her, she chooses to change. And that's what I loved.

Monsters Inc. — A strong/scary character develops a soft side for someone else

Victor from Vicious by V.E. Schwab. Victor is not really the good guy OR the bad guy of the story, but he certainly gains that villain status with his obsession for extraordinary abilities. You'd think he wouldn't care for someone, until he picks up that girl from the road. And he learns to care about her like a big brother/protector. Aww, Victor. ♥

Finding Nemo — “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney” A book that has an address or quote that’s burned into your memory forever

"Sometimes, one must do the unthinkable for it is the only way to accomplish the impossible."
 I loved how both taglines from Stolen Songbird and Hidden Huntress by Danielle L. Jensen come together in HH. I will never forget them.

The Incredibles — Coolest Book Family

Wow, this is a tough one! Most of the books I read hardly have nice family relationships in them. The only one that pops to mind right now is the Weasley family. Always. ♥

Cars 1, 2, 3 — A book that keeps getting sequels you feel are not needed

The whole Shadowhunters world. It's just that there are too many series now, I feel really confused since back when I wanted to read The Mortal Instruments, I realized that I also needed to get The Infernal Devices, the Magnus Bane Chronicles (something like that) and so on. It's just a lot, I don't even know where to start and my money is pretty much limited right now too lol.

Ratatouille — A book featuring a non-human/humanoid

Black Beauty! Oh how I adore this horse and the book itself. It's such a beautiful story and the movie is just as lovely. Go read/watch it!

Wall-E — A book that made you lonely

ALL OF THE BOOKS WITH ROMANCE. Seriously, they make me feel REALLY aware of how lonely and how much I need to have a prince boyfriend. Or just an amazing boyfriend. Even amazing friends in general. Last book to make me feel this way? When I reread ISLA.

Up — A book whose characters quickly made you become emotionally invested in

Again, Black Beauty. A story about a horse's life. Ack, it's such a touching story. I cry every time I read it ♥♥♥

Brave — Name a book with a strong mother/daughter relationship

The Goddess Test by Aimée Carter. I've always admired Kate since she goes through great lengths in order to save her mother from cancer. Their relationship felt so real, full of love, despite how fragile their situation is.

Inside Out — Name a book that could be one of your core memories

I find Hello, I Love You very relatable since I understand how the MC feels about living in another country so different from yours. It's hard not to compare and repel a few things. Thankfully, my story is not as tragic as the one in this book, though it wouldn't have been bad at all to have a cute Korean guy fall in love with me. ;)

I'll cheat and tag all of you! :D


  1. Love this tag! I agree about romance books making you feel lonely *sigh* and though I love TMI and I'm happy for all its sequels, they weren't necessary at all.

  2. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing the characters from Anna and TFK come to life. I also definitely think the shadowhunter characters to could just go. It's over, ya' know?

  3. What a awesome post! I totally agree with how hanging out with the Weasleys would be just the greatest thing! Also, I agree on how the Shadowhunters books are just too much for me to read them all. It'll be like forever for me to catch up on the books.