Early Review: Liars and Losers Like Us by Ami Allen-Vath

Title: Liars and Losers Like Us
Author: Ami Allen-Vath
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Publication Date:  March 15th, 2016
Page Count:  240 pages
Format:  eARC
Source: Edelweiss

Keep calm and make it to prom night—without a legit panic attack.

For seventeen-year-old Bree Hughes, it’s easier said than done when gossip, grief, and the opportunity to fail at love are practically high-fiving her in the hallways of Belmont High.

When Bree’s crush, Sean Mills, gives her his phone number, she can’t even leave a voicemail without sounding like a freak. Then she’s asked to be on Prom Court because Maisey Morgan, the school outcast nominated as a joke, declined. She apologizes to Maisey, but it’s too late. After years of torment and an ugly secret shared with their class’s cruel Pageant Queen, Maisey commits suicide. Bree is left with a lot of regret…and a revealing letter with a final request.

With Sean by her side, Bree navigates through her guilt, her parents’ divorce, and all the Prom Court drama. But when a cheating-love-triangle secret hits the fan after a night of sex, drinks, and video games, she’s left with new information about Sean and the class Pageant Queen. Bree must now speak up or stay silent. If she lets fear be her guide, she’ll lose her first love, and head to prom to avenge the death of the school outcast—as a party of one.
*The Reader's Review*
My rating: 5/5 stars

Whenever a book really hits me, because of its awesomeness and sparkles, I usually end up wanting to email the author SO BAD just to thank him/her for writing the book. To express all my feels and smother them with praise. I hardly ever do it because #shyness, but this time I came close. So close that I even have the draft and everything. SO VERY CLOSE in fact that I actually DM'ed Ami on Twitter, emoji hearts and all (hey, everything is easier on Twitter!). Because guys, I had to. You cannot just read this book and not let her know how wonderful and fantastic it truly is.

I also cannot stop myself from telling you all today or the day you get to read these words about how much you need Liars and Losers Like Us in your life. 

Because Liars and Losers Like Us is beyond glorious and beautiful and heartbreaking and funny and so many other wonderful things that I just can't find the exact words to do it justice.

It rocked. I loved it. It's special. A clear 2016 favorite. I know it's a bit early to say that but when you read a book as amazing as Liars and Losers Like Us, you just know it. And with this book, I felt it. From page one. I felt the characters. I adored Bree, I fell for Sean, I laughed with all the jokes and light banter from all the characters. It's been so many books ago since I've loved characters like the ones found in here.

Oh, but that feeling I got as the story moved forward. It felt as if someone was cutting off my air because the tension, the not knowing and ultimately the break of my heart had me pretending I was fine whenever my mom would ask, when I was actually trying to dry away tears.

I loved how this book balances light and heavy themes appropriately. I won't talk much about them because I don't want to spoil it more than the blurb already does (don't you run off to read again!) but I will say this: it was brave of the author to write and share with us more about these topics that are so serious and important, that need to be discussed more and make us more aware of how much our actions can affect other people's lives. Even when it's all fun and games.

But enough about my thoughts! I'll just end it off= by saying that Liars and Losers Like Us is the kind of book you want to read and the kind that was written to leave its mark, till the very end and beyond. ♥

P.S. For your enjoyment, my updates on Goondreads :D

20.0%"LOL *dies from second-hand embarrassment*"
49.0%"*Squeeeeeeeaaalss* *Fangirls* *Swooooons*"
50.0%"omg I want someone like Sean!! *heart eyes*"
89.0%"aaagh I want to know what is happening. why why why why. can't stand the tension any longer D:"

See? Pure awesomeness all the way. Now go and preorder!


  1. I seen this book on Edelweiss and I was like mmmm I don't know. But I mean I obviously made a huge mistake because if you gave it five stars it cannot be terrible. I may have to go back to Edelweiss and see if this is available! Great review :)

    1. I was exactly like that at first!! I had the option of reviewing for Sunday Street Team but I was unsure about it. Then it was available to download on Edelweiss and I was like: what the heck, I'll check it out. BEST DECISION EVER.

  2. Oh my God! This sounds like the book I'm looking for! I saw this on Ew, but didn't request it because "I thought" it was like Ask Again Later (maybe because the cover is similar?), I liked that one, but didn't love. But it seems I was wrong!
    I'm so glad to read your review! I'll add this to my "Soon" shelf now.
    Have a nice day, Melissa!

  3. You definitely make me want to read this one! It sounds heartbreaking though :( I also had a good laugh reading your GR updates XD

    1. It has a LOT of everything. So so cool ♥

  4. Wow, this sounds amazing! I love a book that can make that much of an impact. One that can make you cringe from embarrassment second-hand, can make you swoon, truly make you feel something. What a gem! I bet Ami loved hearing how much you loved it. :)

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. It truly is a gem. I hope you can read it, Tanya. I would love to hear your thoughts on it!