How I Write My Book Reviews (Gif-by-Gif Style)

If anyone is curious to how I usually end up writing my reviews, here is how my process looks like! Hehe enjoy. ;)

After I finish a book.
(And by party, I mean writing reviews.)

And so I start! I write my initial thoughts...

I sort of keep writing.

Then, well...

So after much writing and re-writing, I start winging it to clear my mind, LOL.

Something's gotta work!

And if it doesn't...

Then it's

I clear my head, dance around, I go pour myself a cup of coffee (or tea) because this reviewer needs her energy!

Then it HITS ME.

The review juices come flowing!

I write about my ships and feels. About the characters.

If there were things I disliked, I write them down.

But overall, I just go into full fangirling mode and I let everything out.

And then I'm done.

Easy peasy.

Then I go back to reading because BOOKS. ♥

Haha, how does YOUR reviewing process look like? :D


  1. Loved this, Melissa! So much fun. And I loved that gif of Diane Keaton from Something's Gotta Give (love that movie). I like fangirl mode where you let everything out. LOL Sometimes I feel like that's all my reviews are: me gushing incoherently. :)

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. Hahah glad you did, Tanya! ♥ I also love Something's Gotta Give. I've watched it a gazillion times. So, so awesome. I think fangirling mode is the best way to write reviews. I love it when a reader just plain old gushes over a book they loved because this gets me excited to read it :D

  2. I seriously feel like you just wrote *my* book review writing process. I am pretty much exactly the same! I generally finish a book, am super excited, and then cannot write a single thing! I know how I feel about a book, but the thought of expressing it in words is absolutely impossible. So then I force myself to spit out some general thoughts and ideas... wait forever.... and then wait some more... and then it finally comes rushing out. Then it's just a quick (or long) proofread and it's done!
    Thanks for the extremely entertaining post! (I stared at that dog in space for WAY too long)

    1. Heeeheee! I loved that dog gif too. And yay to the same kind of reviewing process! I sometimes wish I could be a bit more organized and somehow keep notes to make reviewing slightly easier, but nope, I just do it naturally, as in spend all afternoon wasting time and getting struck by inspiration at midnight. Guess that's how we role! ;)

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