Book Review: The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading

Title: The Dragon of the Month Club
Author: Iain Reading
Genre: MG Fantasy
Published:  February 22nd, 2015
Page Count:  265 pages
Format:  Paperback
Source: From author in exchange of my honest opinion.

The Dragon Of The Month Club is the exciting first installment in a new book series that tells the story of Ayana Fall and Tyler Travers, two best friends who stumble across an extraordinarily magical book and soon find themselves enrolled as members of a very special and exclusive club - The Dragon of the Month Club.

On the thirteenth of every month a new dragon conjuring spell is revealed and the two friends attempt to summon the latest Dragon of the Month. The varieties are almost endless: Air Dragons, Paper Dragons, Fog Dragons, Waterfall Dragons, Rock Dragons, Tree Dragons - not to mention special bonus dragons for all the major holidays, including a particularly prickly Holly Dragon for Christmas.

But one day when a conjuring spell somehow goes wrong Ayana and Tyler find themselves unexpectedly drawn into a fantastical world of adventure based on the various books scattered all across Tyler's messy bedroom. Traveling from one book-inspired world to the next with nothing to rely on but their wits and a cast of strange and exotic dragons at their disposal they must try to somehow find their way home again.

Drawing inspiration from some of literature's most memorable stories - from 19th century German folktales to the streets of Sherlock Holmes's London - the adventures of Ayana and Tyler bring these classic stories to life in delightfully strange and unexpected ways. Filled with fascinating detail and non-stop action these books will spark the imaginations of readers of all ages to inspire a life-long love of reading and seeking out books that are just a little bit off the beaten track.

 *The Chef's Review*

     My rating: 5/5 stars

I really enjoyed reading this book.

The Dragon of the Month Club threw me back to the good old days of my teenage years. I remember back in my elementary days when I used to read these kinds of books, where the chapters are titled and they hint you what is going to be about. It's that kind of read that is entertaining, educational, easy to read and just plain awesome. I knew I was going to love it at the moment that I read Iain Reading's dedication: "this book is dedicated to lost friendships". 

Let me tell you a little bit of what's about. It starts with the sudden and instant friendship of a girl and a boy named Ayana Fall and Tyler Travers where they meet at a dusty corner of their small city's library. In one of those days, they come across with a peculiar book named THE BOOK. Ayana and Tyler discovered that it showed instructions in how to conjure your own dragons and that every 13th day of every month, new instructions appeared in how to conjure a new dragon.The possibilities are endless, however, in one time that they were conjuring a new dragon, something went wrong. Ayana and Tyler got sucked into a strange world that was resembled as Tyler's bedroom and all the books that he had scattered around.

Ayana and Tyler kept hopping from book to book in search of a way out, meanwhile, having wonderful adventures along the way. They start with German folktales, then they jump to a dessert of the Dune series, to a Chinese garden, to Sherlock Holmes ...Wow. I have to admit that I didn't know some of the books that were mention, but find myself wanting to read them. It is true what it says in the back cover, this book is magical and it inspires the love of reading and sparks the imaginations of readers.

 My favorite part for some reason, was the Chinese garden. It inspired my book dish interpretation. It was because it kept mentioning dim sum this and dim sum that and it made me hungry. I even made my own dragon drawing. What do you guys think? Isn't she gorgeous?!


  1. I have this book for review as well and I really looking forward to reading it. That book inspired dim sum looks delicious and that blue ragon with the spatula in his hand is adorable!

    1. Haha isn't it? ♥ I'm also excited to read it since my sister really loved it! Hope you do so too. ;)