Into The Dangerous World Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

Hi everyone! Today I'm super stoked to be hosting a stop on the blog tour of Into The Dangerous World by Julie Chibbaro and JM Superville Novak! I love books about art (I swear there's an inner Picasso in me somewhere!) so Into The Dangerous World is the perfect kind of read for me and I bet you'll love it too. Check out below all the info of this awesome book, read about the things that inspire Julie Chibbaro (so cool!) and enter the sweet giveaway at the end of the post. Thanks so much for stopping by! Enjoy!

About The Book:

Into The Dangerous World 
by Julie Chibbaro 
Artwork by JM Superville Sovak 
August 18, 2015, Publisher: Viking/Penguin Pages: 352
Ror lives to draw—to her, it’s like breathing; it’s how she understands life. Raised on a Staten Island commune, she’s never attended a day of school, and knows little of the outside world. When her paranoid father burns down the commune with himself inside, Ror, her mother, and sister end up in a homeless residence in Manhattan. There, she runs into trouble—and love—with Trey, the leader of Noise Ink, a graffiti crew. On the city’s streets, and in its museums and galleries, Ror finds herself pulled in different directions. Her father wanted her to make classic art. Noise Ink insists she stay within their lines. Her art teacher urges her to go to college. But what does she want? Ror’s soul-searching—expressed in remarkable drawings and sharp-edged prose, set in the gritty Manhattan of 1984—is cinematic in its scope, and its seamless blend of text and art makes Into the Dangerous World a groundbreaking event in young adult fiction.

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*Top 10 Things that Inspire Me *
by Julie Chibbaro
  1. Strong women. Seeing a woman who can hold her own, whether it be in a gym or in the workplace, makes me want to push myself even harder.
  2. The sunset. From my living room window, the blushes of the pink and red sun creeping down the cheek of the sky make me feel small in comparison to the universe. That puts life in perspective for me.
  3. Art. This can be in galleries or on the street – anywhere I see beautiful human effort or opinion expressed gives a lift to my spirit.
  4. A good novel. A book that can make me say to myself: How did she do that? is a marvel that I love to wrap my head around.
  5. A day with my family. The weekends let me be fully present with my husband and daughter, who remind me that it’s okay to take a break to refill the emotional well.
  6. History. Looking at documentaries and old photos can bring me back to the days when they didn’t have cell phones or TVs. I love to spend time imagining life writing only with quill and ink.
  7. Music. Listening to a beat that lets me forget my troubles and puts me right back into my body can do a world of good.
  8. A great story. If a friend or stranger tells me a wonderful or deeply personal story, I feel honored by their trust and in awe of what they’ve been through.
  9. Farmer’s markets. Fresh food in abundance makes my fear of scarcity disappear in a puff of steamed vegetables.
  10. Scientific discoveries. I love the way scientists can pull apart the strands of our world to show us what we’re made of. This renews my hope in mankind.
About The Authors:
Julie Chibbaro and Jean-Marc Superville Sovak are the husband and wife duo behind Into the Dangerous World (Viking 2015).
Julie Chibbaro was born into a family of artists, and also married one. She grew up in NYC during the explosion of graffiti art. She has written two historical novels, Redemption, which won the American Book Award, and Deadly, which won the National Jewish Book Award. JM Superville Sovak is half-Trini, half-Czech, half-Canadian. His fourth half is spent making art, for which he earned his M.F.A. from Bard College in NY.
They both live in Beacon, NY.
For those of you that purchase a copy of INTO THE DANGEROUS WORLD any time during the official book tour (August 18-September 30) will receive a one of a kind #IntoTheDangerousWorld pack filled with lots of goodies.
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