Book Review: Girl on a Wire by Gwenda Bond

Title: Girl on a Wire
Author: Gwenda Bond
Publisher: Skyscape
Published: October 1st, 2014
Page count: 386
Format: Hardcover
Source: Gift

Book Summary:
A ballerina, twirling on a wire high above the crowd. Horses, prancing like salsa dancers. Trapeze artists, flying like somersaulting falcons. And magic crackling through the air. Welcome to the Cirque American!

Sixteen-year-old Jules Maroni’s dream is to follow in her father’s footsteps as a high-wire walker. When her family is offered a prestigious role in the new Cirque American, it seems that Jules and the Amazing Maronis will finally get the spotlight they deserve. But the presence of the Flying Garcias may derail her plans. For decades, the two rival families have avoided each other as sworn enemies.
Jules ignores the drama and focuses on the wire, skyrocketing to fame as the girl in a red tutu who dances across the wire at death-defying heights. But when she discovers a peacock feather—an infamous object of bad luck—planted on her costume, Jules nearly loses her footing. She has no choice but to seek help from the unlikeliest of people: Remy Garcia, son of the Garcia clan matriarch and the best trapeze artist in the Cirque.
As more mysterious talismans believed to possess unlucky magic appear, Jules and Remy unite to find the culprit. And if they don’t figure out what’s going on soon, Jules may be the first Maroni to do the unthinkable: fall.

 *The Chef's Review*

     My rating: 5/5 stars

   It was very entertaining and I can't wait to get my hands on the second book and see what happens next! I was a little skeptical about reading this book. I can't exactly point out the reason why, but it was right there, waiting to be read, in my bookshelf, all alone by its lonesome, so I gave it a go. It started a bit slow for my taste, but I passed the first couple of chapters and decided that it was good. Really good. Good.

   The story is about a girl, Julieta Maroni, but people call her Jules. She was born inside a circus prodigy family Maroni (cool, huh?!). She performs as a wire walker. Her family however has been living in the shadows due to a family prejudice even though a famous, rich circus was asking for them to join. Her family refused,  but Jules took it upon herself to accept and drag her family with her. Little did she know that her family reputation would still haunt them.

   When the Maronis arrived in the circus, the Garcias, who happen to be the rivals to the Maroni family, where inside that same circus which made things uncomfortable. A series of events and mysterious objects started to happen inside the circus that made Jules that maybe the rumours about magic and rumours about them might be true.

   Jules befriended a Garcia, even though she was not supposed to. It is a HE named Remy, the totally gorgeous, attractive and love interest of Jules. Together they tried to find out who was behind all the weird stuff that was happening around the circus. It wasn't at all a joke and brought in as a consequence a tragedy among them...

   I have to admit, I wasn't expecting it. I thought:  "Naaaaaw, nothing is going to happen. It's a book about a circus, they are fun." But noooo.

   Anyhow, the book made its purpose. I had fun, I cried, I laughed and I was entertained.
Another thing, I started reading it believing that it was a stand-alone but later found out that there would be a second book. I will be in the look out :)

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  1. It seems like this book has a lot more to it than the reader might originally be expecting and it can evoke a lot of emotions! I love the cover, and I haven't read too many books set in the circus as well. Which makes me curious about this one. I will have to think over it some more, but I am glad you could love it so much once you got passed the beginning!