2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour Wrap-Up

Hi guys! Today is the last day of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour pulled together by the awesome ladies Amber & Jessica from The Book Bratz

The 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour consisted on featuring one blogger every Sunday from July 5th to August 31st for the sole purpose of making new friends and to get to know them better through guest posts, interviews & other fun posts! 

I'm so glad to have participated in this event since I got to meet so many awesome bloggers! Here's a break-down of the fantastic ladies I got to host:

  • Anna from Unquenchable Reads was the first blogger to drop by my blog on the tour. She talked about the books she wishes to see turned into Graphic Novels. It was an awesome post. Go check it out here if you missed it!

  • Amber & Jessica from The Book Bratz (tour hosts) stopped by on the second week to talk about their Stages of Writing a Review! This post made me laugh since I definitely related to some of their steps. And it has GIFS! ;)

  • Sydney from Sydsaurus Rex came to tell us about her 7 Deadly Book Sins! Some made me gasp, some made me nod. Overall, a fun post to read and I was glad to have her over on the blog!

  • Stefani from Caught Read Handed and I had a bit of fun by having a Book Guessing Game! I quizzed her on summaries, book quotes and made her guess on covers. It was so much fun, especially when Stefani has to ask twitter friends to help her out. 

  • Jillian from Jillian's Books dropped by to talk about The Perks of Being a Young Book Blogger. I loved having Jillian over and learning more about her as a young book blogger and everything she's learned. A totally relatable post even though I'm 22 and not that young. It's a post worth reading!

  • Lastly, Ri from Hiver et Café shared with us how she organizes her bookshelves! There's even a pic of one of her bookshelves so if you love looking at other peeps shelves like I do, then you have to check it out. So many books I love! ♥

I loved every single post these amazing ladies shared with me. They seriously rock and I'm so glad that we got stuck together. Go group E!

These awesome ladies also hosted me on their blogs and I got to write so many fabulous posts that they came up with. Thanks for all the great ideas, I loved writing them!

And a few examples:

  • For Mariah from A Reader's Adventure I wrote about The Trading Systems in YA Books. I'm really proud of this post because it's the first time that I relate my career with the books I love to read. If you have time, I'd love for you to check it out and tell me what you think of it.

  • For Anna from Unquenchable Reads I answered interview questions like my #1 book pet peeve, which book character I wished to have as my bestie, and so many more. You can check this interview here.

  • I was also featured at Nicole's and Sophia's blog, Quality Fangirls! I was lucky to be hosted at  blog since another blogger had to drop out of the tour. I loved to have met Nicole and while we were getting to know each other, we found out we both love Avatar The Last Airbender, so for my post, I compared Books to Avatar The Last Airbender Characters! Loved this post so much!

The Summer Blogger Promo Tour was a fun event and a great way to make new friends. I won't lie and say it was easy to do because it was not. At least on my part, it was difficult to write these posts while I was away on vacay, but the effort was so rewarding. Thanks again to  The Book Bratz for pulling this together. Can't wait to participate next summer!

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