Book Review: Trinity Stones by L.G. Oconnor + Pizza!

Title: Trinity Stones
Author: L.G. O'Connor
Series: The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles #1
Genre: YA Paranormal
Publisher: Collins-Young Publishing LLC
Publication Date:  February 16th, 2015
Page Count: 453 pages
Format:  eARC
Source: From author in exchange of an honest opinion

*** This is the ‘Adapted for Young Adult Reader’ version of TRINITY STONES (The Angelorum Twelve Chronicles #1) *** 

Angel Paranormal Romantic Suspense / Urban Fantasy. First book in a four-part series. No cliffhangers. 

Anxiety-ridden New York investment banker, Cara Collins, has little to smile about on her 27th birthday between a hostile work environment and her impossible romantic situation with her longtime friend and first love, Dr. Kai Solomon. But before the day ends, she learns she has inherited $50 million—a windfall that must remain secret or risk the lives of those close to her. 

As Cara unravels the truth surrounding her inheritance, she makes a startling discovery: angels walk among the living, and they’re getting ready to engage in a battle that will determine the future of the human race. In the midst of these revelations, she meets mysterious and sophisticated Simon Young, who offers her the promise of romance for the first time since Kai. 

But when Kai and his daughter are kidnapped by dark forces, Cara must choose: accept her place in a 2,000-year-old prophecy foretold in the Trinity Stones as the First of the Twelve who will lead the final battle between good and evil . . . or risk losing everything she holds dear.

*The Chef's Review*
My rating: 5/5 stars


I don't normally read paranormal books so I was a bit skeptical about reading Trinity Stones, but my sister assigned it for me so I gave it a go. It took me about five days for me to read the first ten chapters and although I didn't find it boring, I wasn't all over it. However, it only took me half a day to finish the rest of it. I just couldn't put it down!

I loved it.
I'm completely hooked.
I want to read the second book.
I enjoyed it so much that I don't know how to explain why.

The story is about heaven vs. hell. It turns out that we really do have angels walking among us, but that comes with a prize since we also have demons surrounding us. This first book of the series (yes! There's more!), tells the story of Cara, a would be normal woman, and her association in this battle. She was born with a power that very few humans receive. Therefore, she automatically becomes a target to the demons. But not to worry, she gets to have her own guarding angel which he goes by the name of Chamuel who happens to be as perfect as can be. Now Cara forms part of the "Twelve", which are selected to fight the battle of good vs. evil...

It has a good story, humor, amazing characters, romance, action, you name it! I found it very entertaining and I recommend it to those kinds of people that like all of the above ;)

One of the things that I found interesting in this book is that it has a lot of culinary references and I loved that the characters talked about food constantly. There is one part of the book that Cara is barely getting to know her situation and while they explain it to her, she orders pizza. She chooses mushroom since it's her favorite. I couldn't agree with her more, so it left me craving for it. Here is my version:

It was REALLY good. Now I can't wait to make another mushroom pizza and pretend I'm Cara from Trinity Stones!

Note: I didn't particularly follow a recipe, but if you'd like to know how I made the crust, just let me know and I'll post it!

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  1. Sounds like a really great read, and although I'm not a huge mushroom fan. I totally drooled over that pizza!