That's What HE Said Thursday #40: Tristan from Hidden Huntress

That's what HE said Thursday is a weekly meme hosted at Chapter Break where you post a favorite line of a book boyfriend to his girl. It's the perfect meme to share all those awesome quotes!

                     Today's quote is from Tristan of Hidden Huntress by Danielle L. Jensen.

"Part of me would erase it, wipe it away if I could," he said. "Because seeing it makes me remember when I thought I was going to lose you. Reminds me of all the hurt that has come to you because of us. Because of me." Letting go with one arm, he traced the scar from top to bottom with one finger, and I shivered, feeling it in places I should not. He tilted his face up, his eyes no longer dulled to grey by magic and once again the strange silver pools I never ceased to lose myself in. "But part of me is glad that it will always be there for me to see," he continued, "because it is a sign of how much you can endure and survive. And it makes me less afraid."                     
-Tristan to Cécile

It was so hard to choose a non-spoilery quote from my one true love Tristan. All the ones I wanted to share revealed too much -including this one if you pay close attention- but in the end, I think it is safe to share and still swoon-worthy. ;)

In here he's speaking about Cécile's scar after diminishing himself for how broken he is on the outside. I loved how he thinks she is still strong and beautiful even though her scar is ugly. This was an intense scene and a rare moment in which Tristan truly opens up to Cécile.  I loved seeing this vulnerable side of him, it made him seem more... human even though he's a troll. 


  1. Ooh what a great quote!
    Thanks for linking up:)

  2. This sounds like a very swoon-worthy hero. :D

  3. I am going to read Stolen Songbird soon, I promise!