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Hi! Welcome to my stop on the blog tour of Sweet Muse by Ava Cummings! Today, I'm sharing with you my review of this book and a cool tour-wide giveaway. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Title: Sweet Muse
Author: Ava Cummings
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published: January 1st, 2015
Page Count: 241 Pages
Format: eBook
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Determined to overcome her difficult past, Anna Starr lands a coveted job at the nation's biggest celebrity magazine in the center of the New York City power scene. She learns early on to make it on her own, and through sheer force of will she does. But frustration sets in when the dark side of tabloid journalism starts to poke through, and she gets duped while dating slicker-than-thou city boys.  Amidst a sea of cocktail parties, Anna meets rising art star Damien Wolfe. Their connection is dangerous, intense, and passionate beyond her imagination.  He sees her in a way that she has never seen herself, setting her on a journey toward self-discovery— understanding what it means to be truly loved for the first time in her life. But she may lose it all when her blind ambition and his dark past lead to a crisis that changes everything.
*The Reader's Review*
My rating: 3.5/5 stars
I often forget how nice it is to read a genre you rarely read when you give it a chance. I usually like to play it safe by reading YA or NA, but I should keep mixing it up from time to time because I might miss titles that are interesting and worth to check out just like Sweet Muse.

This book was an enjoyable read, very glamorous and bright as it is set in the hectic city of New York, but also deep and inspiring thanks to the strong main character. It is a story about love and passion, of facing inner demons and beating insecurities. It portrays quite well how one must follow your instincts and make the right choices, even when you've made all the wrong ones before choosing the right road.

I liked that the main character, Anna Starr, was such a hard-working and independent woman out to make her dreams come true. Even though working at Celeb magazine didn't turn out to be the dream job it ought to have been, and after making so many mistakes in both her romantic and work life, she rises and grows so much from the experience and builds a strong personality that turns her into an admirable person.

Her romantic life was interesting to read about since she develops several relationships throughout the book, some good ones and others ... not so much. Damien, by far, was the best suitor, I liked that with him things went slowly and developed sort of like how a normal relationship (though they weren't normal), unlike the quick hookups she has with others. Actually, this was the only thing that bothered me about Anna's character. I know I'm not supposed to judge, but geesh, she should have made the men work for it.

Giving a small spin to that thought, I have to say that this book did turn out to be a bit of a challenge for me to read completely since I'm not used to reading hot, steamy scenes. They cross the line of my comfort zone so I usually end up skipping most of those parts and I cross my fingers in hopes of not missing anything important of the plot. I think I didn't miss much here.

Overall, Sweet Muse is a good book with a storyline worth checking out. However, I do recommended this book to readers 18+ due to mature scenes, so please keep that in mind. ;)

Meet the Author:
Ava Cummings spent more than 10 years as an editor at some of the biggest and best-known magazines in the world.  She fetched coffee, fell in love with fashion, and eventually became a full-fledged editor, covering Hollywood and bringing in stories about bold women that were making a difference in the world.  She has spun together the sweep-you-off-your-feet happy endings of fairy tales, the unbelievable headlines she reads in the news, and the quirky personalities that she’s encountered in both the real world and on reality TV in her first novel, Sweet Muse Ava lives in the leafy suburbs of Boston with her husband and two children.
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What Readers are Saying:
"It's like Fifty Shades of Grey meets Devil wears Prada meets Girls!" —Carrie Adel
"I couldn’t put it down! Sweet Muse has it all—celebrities, scandal, and steamy romance. Ava Cummings’ writing invites the reader into Anna’s world, sharing her journey as she discovers the dark side of her dream job at a celebrity magazine and finds a love so powerful it will change everything. Totally captivating!" —Sarah Bagwell
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  2. This sounds like an interesting read but sadly not unlike many I've already read. Not sure if I'll bother with this one.

    1. That's okay. It's definitely not for everyone. :)