ARC Review: Collide by Melissa West

Title: Collide
Author: Melissa West
Series: The Taking #3
Genre: YA Sci-Fi
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Publication Date:  February 9th, 2015
Page Count: 320 pages
Format:  eARC
Source: Publisher via Netgalley

Military legacy Ari Alexander has survived alien spies, WWIV, and a changing world order. But when the new leader of Earth uses Jackson—the only boy she's ever let herself care about—to get to her, Ari has no choice but to surrender. 

To free Jackson, she agrees to travel to the national bases to train others to fight. What she discovers is a land riddled with dying people. Ari has the power to heal by turning the fighters into aliens—half-breeds like her. If she succeeds, together, they have a chance at overthrowing the alien leader, Zeus. But if she fails, everyone she holds dear will be wiped away forever.

Once again, everything Ari’s come to believe is thrown into question. In a world of uncertainty, loyalties are tested, lies are uncovered, and no one can be trusted. If Ari and Jackson have any hope at survival and at preserving a life for the future, they must fight the final war with their eyes wide open. 
*The Reader's Review*
My rating: 5/5 stars
What.A.Book. Collide is an epic conclusion to The Taking Series. So much action, so many twists, so much PAIN. I loved it! (Yes, I'm booksochistic).

First, I have to say that even though I haven't been following for long this series, it's incredible how much I came to care about its characters and amazing storyline in such a short time. I feel like I've known them for ages, instead of just a few weeks. I love how much Ari, Jackson and the rest of their loyal supporters have grown into these strong fighters. From the beginning they were strong and smart, but now after everything they've been through, you can certainly notice the difference in the way they act and think, not to mention what they can now do with their extended abilities.

While Hover is a slower paced book, Collide is a whirlwind of action. It was a thrill to be racing against time to get more recruits for the war and to turn them into half-breeds, not knowing when the final battle would start. I absolutely hated (in a good sense for the book) how Zeus was playing games with Ari. It was infuriating, crazy, and terrifying to see how powerful he was. In those moments I was practically praying for the author to not get Ari killed because I just couldn't see how they could beat the guy. It had me on edge the whole time and I swear my fingernails suffered for it.

But you know how authors are, they like to make you suffer, so if Zeus mind games weren't enough (and let me tell you, he makes Ari do horrible things), Melissa West had to go and mess around with my friends. The things that happen to them in the second half of the book left me stunned and breathless, not quite comprehending what was happening because my mind and heart didn't want to believe what I was reading. It was painful and so all of a sudden. *Sad sigh*

The conclusion was masterfully written and it actually ended in a hopeful note. It was such a relief after the heck of a ride we went through, yet bittersweet because it meant "the end" of Ari and Jackson's story. I'm going miss them so much, just like the fantastic world Melissa West created.

Wonderful series. ♥


  1. I don't usually read books like this one but five out of five stars? Sounds like I need to read it! Great review, Melissa!

  2. Woo! I am so thrilled you loved this series Melissa! It makes me happy when lesser known series get some love! Zeus was so manipulative and crazy! He made a great villain! I loved the Ari/Jackson swoons in this one- they are one of my favorite book couples for sure!