The Week's Entrée #52

Hi! Welcome to another edition of The Week's Entrée!

Last week was a slow one for me. I had exams and extra studying to do since I'm going to a national competition, but I managed to finish Collide by Melissa West (epic series-ender btw). But anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful start of the week and you get to read wonderful books. I'm crossing my fingers to have one too ;)

Books I Got Last Week:
{For review}
From Netgalley, authors, etc.

Thanks go out to Entangled Teen for the review copies of Lola Carlyle's 12-Step Romance by Danielle Younge-Ullman (so good!) and Red by Alyxandra Harvey. Awesome titles. I also managed to snag a copy of Undertow by Michael Buckley as a Read-Now opp on Netgalley. *Yay!*

Currently Reading:


This week I'm reading contemporary books! Already mid-way through Lola Carlyle's and I'm loving it so far. Next is The Truth About Faking by Leigh T. Moore. I'll be swooning all week <3

And that's it for The Week's Entrée! What are you reading this week? :)


  1. I hope you enjoy it! I've been in a reading funk lately so I'm hoping A Darker Shade of Magic will bring me out of it.

  2. Aaah! I hope you love ADSOM! Will be waiting to read what you think about it ;)

    1. I'm sure I will! Victoria is a brilliant writer! Now I just got to find the time to sneak away with my copy ;)

  3. All of these look intriguing. Happy reading!