That's What HE Said Thursday #34: Ash from The Iron King

That's what HE said Thursday is a weekly meme hosted at Chapter Break where you post a favorite line of a book boyfriend to his girl. It's the perfect meme to share all those awesome quotes!

   Today's quote is from Ash of The Iron King  by Julie Kagawa! 


     He shook his head, examining the wound again. "It's not frostbitten," he muttered. It'll blister, but you should be fine. you might only lose a couple fingers."
   I glanced at him sharply, but he was smirking. For a moment, I was speechless. Good God, the Ice Prince was making jokes now; the world must be ending.

-Ash to Meghan

This is my favorite quote from Ash to Meghan in the first book of the Iron Fey Saga. It's not very romantic, but I find it pretty amusing that even the cold princeling shows a sense of humor from time to time ;)


  1. Haha I remember this line too well. Made me grin like a fool and I fell even harder for him ❤ Great quote sis, you should do this more often. *hint hint* ;)