Write On Review-a-Thon Wrap-up

Hey guys! So this Friday and Saturday I participated in the monthly Write On Review-a-Thon:

The Write On review-a-thon is a monthly event created and hosted by Brianna at The Book Vixen. It’s a duration of time dedicated to getting reviews done, whether you have one review to write or 30+. This edition of the review-a-thon takes place all day Friday, November 21st and Saturday, November 22nd. Let’s get those reviews done!
I challenged myself to write four reviews but in the end I only wrote three. I didn't meet my goal but I still feel good about the three I wrote. So, so happy in fact. I already published one, I sent another one to Cuzinlogic and I have the third ready to be published soon this week! I haven't been this productive since ages, feels GREAT!

These were the books to be reviewed:

Beautiful Girl by Lida James *Published*
Illusion by S.M. Boyce
The Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa
Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

You bet I'll be participating in the next review-a-thon! Next time though, I WILL meet my goal. How about you? Did you write reviews these past days?