The Week's Entrée #32

Hi! Welcome to another edition of The Week's Entrée

Whew! Last week was an extremely busy week for me here on the blog. I had four book tours stopping by with three being review stops, and I still can't quite recover from them. I was a walking zombie guys, you should have seen me in person (not a very nice view, trust me). But I'm glad I did them anyway, the stress was worth it because they were fantastic reads and I loved having the chance to participate in these events. Just remind me not to take so many on the same week, okay?

In Other News...

Breakable (Contours of the Heart, #2)
I have two other reviews to share with you! 

First up is my review of Breakable by Tammara Webber over at Kate Tilton's blog. Loved this book to pieces and it's a fantastic companion to Easy, the first book in the Contours of the Heart series. If you haven't read these books then you are definitely missing out because LUCAS. He's hawt.

And my review of 6:59 by Nonye and Kelechi Acholonu is now up at Cuzinlogic! That was another great read. It's about two boys who live in the same body, one that lives by day and the other one at night (with super human powers). It's pretty interesting and a fun read. It also has a love square that messed up with my heart. And the ending, ugh, so not okay with it. 

Books I Got Last Week:
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    To Read This Week:

    I'm excited to finally have the chance to check out The Wilds by Jules Hedger and Unbreakable by Kami Garcia. Hopefully they will turn out to be excellent reads!

    And that's it for this week's entrée. What are you reading this week? :)


    1. You need a calender girl! That's the only way I manage not to get swamped. I use the Google calender - check it out!! Oooh I need to finish the northway passage series. maybe we can do a buddy read when you done with book 1 :) Yay I am so glad you managed to get Few Are Angels!!! I really want to read Kami Garcia's Beautiful Creatures series :)

      Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

    2. You have been a super busy bee! Haha! I was interested in 6:59, but then you mentioned a love square and my heart died a little. I hope you get that schedule under control, so you can enjoy yourself and have a bit more fun :)