That's What HE Said #19: Ben from Aspen

That's what HE said Thursday is a weekly meme hosted at Chapter Break where you post a favorite line of a book boyfriend to his heroine. It's the perfect meme to share all those awesome quotes!

For this week's book quote I chose one from Ben Tyler of Aspen by Rebekah Crane.

"Well, now that we've officially shared Chapstick, I guess I should tell you that I love you, too."

                       Ben to Aspen, Aspen

Ben is one of my favorite book boyfriends of this year. He is extremely funny, smart and very handsome. I love how he gets along with Aspen and her friends. He is the kind of guy you just love to be around with and believe me, this quote is just a small taste of his awesomeness.


  1. That quote is all types of awesome. I must now read this book! Great quote :)

  2. ahh this is sweet. thanks for sharing

  3. Awe that is so sweet! Sharing chapstick is one way putting it <3

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  4. Ooh what a fun quote :) He does sound funny and sweet at the same time. Great pick.

  5. Oh my goodness that quote is perfection. Adding book to TBR now cause IT SOUNDS FABULOUS!
    Funny how one could assume that from one line.
    You did good in choosing the perfect quote :)

  6. Never heard of the book before, but sound like an amazing and great book boyfriend :)