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By Roni O'Connell
Release Date: May 28, 2014
Paperback, 282 pages
Genre: Contemporary Fiction / YA
She’d known it was coming—it always had to be dealt with, sooner or later. The effect Chameleon blood produced on the majority of humans was akin to taking aphrodisiacs or psychedelic drugs and all but the strongest minds succumbed.
Juliet Marchant has a secret—one that makes her hide from the world, until the day her friend, a shifter wolf, is slaughtered on her land for his brilliant pelt.
If Juliet is to fulfill her destiny, she must take her place in the world, unlock her Immortal powers, and face her dangerous attraction the human Commander of Spectral Command.
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 *The Reader's Review*

     My rating: 4/5 stars
Now this is what I'm talking about creativity! Chameleon's Spell is an ingenious book rich in special magic, paranormal elements and stunning characters.

It's a book hard to get at first because the world is complex, divided by  immortals, half-bloods and humans. Humans here are the superior race, hunting down the immortals (beautiful shapeshifters) to kill them off and sell their skins or pelts in the black market. It's mostly out of jealousy, and sometimes out of revenge when the immortals eat/kill humans. 

The story is focused on Juliet's life, a half-blood chameleon who is drop-dead gorgeous and feels cursed for it.  When people see her, there are two possible reactions:intense lust for her or complete loathing. They see in her what they think is the perfect version of a woman, and because of it, Juliet constantly struggles with men and woman trying to touch her (and not always in an appropiate way). However, Juliet soons discovers, as she's trying to save her life, that she possesses an impressive power that can influence people minds, thus becoming an asset in the war between humans and immortals.

Now, I thought Juliet was a great character. She isn't shallow or vain, even knowing the great power she holds over people with her beauty. She is smart, brave, honest, and has a good idea of what self-respect means. She carries a big burden on her shoulder yet this doesn't stop her from being a nice person or watching out for those in need. I liked her a lot and I loved her interactions with the other characters from this book, like Jerry, Dave, the wolves, and Daniel. Specially Daniel.

I liked the romance between Daniel and Juliet, it made my heart swell with excitement. It was slowbuilding and mature, both of their personalities matched perfectly and I knew right from the start they were going to make things interesting.

A funny thing about this book is that it's set as YA but it doesn't feel like one. Juliet is close to 18 but she's way older than that. The hard stuff that happened to her forced her to grow up emotionally making it too hard to consider her a teen. Everybody else is older too, including Daniel who's around 24.

Anyway, the pace of this book is fast and there's a lot of cool action and tricks played out. The last part is heart thumping and I so loved what the end is promising for the next book. You'll get a lot out of Chameleon's Spell, including laughs and a good deal of paranormal and fantasy to satiate your needs. And with that stunning cover, how could you not pick this book up? ;)

About the Author
Roni O’Connell lives with her husband and two dogs high in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She finds inspiration in the forest, wildlife, and lakes around her home.
A former English teacher, Roni enjoys the company of young adults, their spirited opinions, great enthusiasm, and outrageous humor. When Roni isn't writing novels, you can find her hiking in the forest or contemplating the wonders of nature. 
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