Book Review: Pieces of Me by Kira Adams

Title: Pieces of Me
Author: Kira Adams
Series: A Foundation Novel #1
Genre: YA Contemporary
Publisher: Dutton
Published: August 25th, 2014
Page count: 159 pages
Format: eBook
Source: From author in exchange for an honest review

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Book Summary:
For sixteen year old Peyton Lane, life has never been easy. She’s not popular, overweight, and oh yeah, her sister is embarrassed of her. But over the course of a tumultuous year, everything changes for Peyton. Suddenly all eyes are on her and it’s not because she’s fat. From a pair of handsome twins to a couple of dangerously sexy rockers, Peyton will have to find out who she can trust with her heart. From the ups and downs to the twists and turns—this is Peyton’s story of finding one’s voice and growing into your own. 

This is a coming of age romance that involves realistic situations and raw emotions. This is Pieces of Me.

     *The Reader's Review*

     My rating: 3.5/5 stars
I'm always glad when a book makes me step into the main character's shoes. I like the personal connection because it feels like if you're actually reading about a close friend instead of just a character. This is how Pieces of Me turned out to be for me and while not everything was exactly what I wanted, it sure was a good read (and a quick one too).

Peyton is a size 15 girl who is severely depressed with her weight and social life. She wants to be loved and find someone who won't be ashamed to be with her. After attempting to end her life, she plunges right back into it not knowing that she will face many changes, including a successful music career. Now everyone is paying close attention to Peyton, including her secret crushes. Love, heartbreak and a better her blooms into Peyton's life.

I liked that the main character has a very artistic side. She writes lyrics, participates in school plays and sings. Peyton is not your average book heroine and she's definitely not perfect.  I know many readers will feel related to her one way or another because she's a fighter and faces many issues like most of us. I know I did since back in the days I also had a bit of a weight problem and could definitely sympathize with what she was going through, of trying hard to feel comfortable in her own skin. The cool aspect of this book is how it makes you truly appreciate the character's personality rather than by her looks. I liked that everyone close to Peyton loved her for who she was, not for her weight, and even so, appreciated every inch of her beauty.

In retrospect, I wasn't much into Peyton's romantic relationships. I understand how suddenly she felt attached to every boy who would pay her the time of day (because that's how it is sometimes), but I would have liked her to take things more slowly. I did like Jace better than everybody else, yet he wasn't that great in my opinion. He was too indecisive about her and I didn't believe all the love he professed towards her. His twin brother, Jax, was plain old crazy and I never understood why he suddenly took interest on her. Colton was weird too and Noah was merely somebody there for her to like, he was cool but not enough for Peyton.

I recommend this book for the personal journey Peyton goes through. It was a nice change to find a character who deals with real life problems, and in the end, learns to love herself just the way she is. 

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  1. Like you, I truly love when you find such a personal connection that makes you feel like you're reading about a friend more than just a character. Sounds an intense read and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)