Slip by Leslie J. Portu Playlist & Giveaway

Hey guys! Today I'm thrilled to bring to you the playlist of Slip, a YA book written by Leslie J. Portu. Leslie's book is a good one and I'm happy to finally know about those songs that inspired it. But before you go to check it out, read first a little about her book ( check out my review here). 

 Slip by Leslie J. Portu
Published June 8th, 2013 / Createspace Independent Publishing
Book Summary:
Of late, Vivien Allen’s life has cruised safely on autopilot. And safety is exactly what she clings to. Heaven knows her sixteen years have been struck with enough drama to last a lifetime. Yet while the status quo provides a sense of comfort, Vivien can’t ignore the small voice inside that yearns for something different. As junior year begins this longing is answered in the form of Christophe Laval, the young and fabulously different new French teacher. Before long an exciting yet indefinable friendship develops which complicates things considerably as she suddenly finds herself falling for Declan Mieres, the senior star lacrosse player. The need to hide the two sides of her life becomes increasingly difficult, the omissions and half-truths weighing on her conscience. When at last she resolves to change her ways, the truth is far more frightening than any lie.

 Hi all!
I would like to share with you some of the music that was my inspiration while writing Slip. Music is a powerful generator of all kinds of emotions. These are the songs that helped me to visualize my characters more clearly, and access the emotions of a particular scene. The list (more or less) follows along with the storyline. Happy listening! And, more importantly, happy reading!

Leslie J Portu

Slip: Top Ten Eleven Playlist

1. Live: Lightning Crashes  (What’s this? Could it be love?)
2. Marcy Playground: Sex And Candy  (Riley’s Halloween Party)
3. Big Data: Dangerous  (Things are not always what they seem)
4. Tame Impala: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards  (When is it OK to lie?)
5. Icona Pop: Good For You  (Dinner party at Lauren’s)
6. How To Dress Well: Cold Nites  (Turn up the heat (Ch. 20))
7. City and Colour: Weightless  (Declan’s world crashes down)
8. Prince: I Would Die 4 U  (The chase)
9. Death: Denial of Life  (In the mind of a killer)
10. The Limousines: Wildfires  (Passion in the winter woods)
11. Ghost Beach: Miracle  (Love trumps all: final scene)

Love the songs! They are indeed perfect for each scene. My favorite is from Icona Pop ;)

A few things about Leslie J. Portu:

1. I believe reading novels is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge on just about ANY subject. As you follow the characters into their world you can't help but soak up all sorts of new information. There is nothing like the feeling of losing yourself in a good book. 

2. Most kids/young adults these days do not read enough due to an overabundance of competing distractions. (Obviously this does not apply to YOU, since here you are on a blog about books! So congratulations! Take a second and give yourself a pat on the back). 

3. It is my great aspiration to make a connection with all you voracious readers. I love YA! Writing about that particular period in life fills me with energy and excitement! It is the point in time when you are trying to figure out who you want to be. I would be especially grateful to hear your thoughts: Do you identify with any of my characters? Do you hate/love one in particular? Would you act the same if you found yourself in a similar situation? The questions are endless...

4. Other factoids: I attended the University of Wisconsin for four of the best years of my life (Go Badgers!). After spending hour upon hour sitting in a chair, I love to head for the stair climber and lift weights (my family will tell you I am a serious grump without exercise). I love the beach and the sun and chicken lettuce wraps and coffee and atomic fireballs. Currently, I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan (not a Wolverine fan, sorry) with my husband, four children, and two dumb dogs. In the summers I can be found in Carolina Beach, North Carolina where I have recently converted to a country music fan (the most touching lyrics—seriously!).

5.  More books are coming. 

Eeeep, awesome! And because I want more people to know about her book, I'm going to give away and ebook (kindle) copy of Slip. Just enter the rafflecopter below and start crossing your fingers. Giveaway is open international!

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