The Week's Entrée #13

Happy start of the week everyone! I hope you all get lots of reading done this week. I'm a bit behind in the books I have to read because I may or may not be a bit obsessed with a TV series called "Reign". Anyone seen it yet? It's really cool, although a bit creepy. I'm so glad I have like 10 more episodes to watch before I catch up. Yay! Oh, and I'm so Team Francis btw (cute blond guy on the right). <3 I like Bash too, but Francis owns my heart right now.

In other somewhat important news...

You Guys! I'm in love with Andrew Garfield and the latest The Amazing Spider-Man movie. It's, well, AMAZING. I watched it this past Saturday with my sister and oh my, the FEELS. Every sort you can imagine. You must watch it when it hits theaters (or now if it has already).

Now on to more blog related things...

Books I Bought, Won or Received:


A Red Tale by Nicola Mar
Published: March 20th, 2014
Genre: YA Fantasy
Source: Amazon

Snow has been falling on the Caribbean island of St. Michael for years, diminishing plant and animal life and leading to extinction. But underneath the island's ocean lies Surritz--a tropical, magical realm where water dragons known as Wayters have discovered their power of reason. 

After being hypnotized, fifteen-year-old Stasia Forrester meets Billy, a Wayter that makes her realize she has the ability to reverse global cooling. But Stasia has something that Billy wants, and to get it, Stasia must travel back in time. She soon discovers that her connection to Surritz is more complicated than she could have ever imagined. When love starts to guide her conscience, she faces tough choices. 

How will her decisions affect global cooling if her needs are more important to her than saving humanity? Does she trust that Billy is telling her the truth? If so, she may lose the only true love she has ever known.

I love this books' cover! I saw A Red Tale up in Netgalley and I thought about requesting it, but then I noticed it was free on Amazon. Hope it turns out to be a great read, at least it sounds like it.

{For Review}

Fury by Charlotte McConaghy
Published: March 25th, 2014/ Momentum Books
Genre: YA Sci-fi/Dystopian

When emotions are erased from the world, creating a civilization of mindless drones, only those with fury can survive.

On the same day each year Josephine Luquet wakes naked, shivering and covered in blood that is not her own. Under the cold gaze of the blood moon she is someone else entirely, but when dawn breaks her memories flee and she is left with only an icy horror, a burning fury. Amid a sea of drones, she alone hasn’t been cured. 

It will be the same each year: atrocities forgotten, truths hidden and pieces of herself left to die.
Until Luke. 
He isn’t like the other drones. With secrets whispering behind his eyes and a hunger for all things Josephine, he is the only one determined to help her discover the truth before the next blood moon rises. 
But time is running out. Is Luke willing to risk his life to be near her? Does he truly understand what violence she is capable of? 

Raw and full of passion, Fury is a story of love in a dystopian world, and how much we are willing to forgive in the struggle to remember our humanity.

The blog tour of Fury will stop by the blog on June 4th! 


Some Fine Day by Kat Ross
Expected Publication: July 1st, 2014 /Strange Chemistry
Genre: YA Sci-fi/Dystopian

Sixteen-year-old Jansin Nordqvist is on the verge of graduating from the black ops factory known as the Academy. She's smart and deadly, and knows three things with absolute certainty:
1. When the world flooded and civilization retreated deep underground, there was no one left on the surface.
2. The only species to thrive there are the toads, a primate/amphibian hybrid with a serious mean streak.
3. There's no place on Earth where you can hide from the hypercanes, continent-sized storms that have raged for decades.
Jansin has been lied to. On all counts. 

I couldn't resist requesting this book on Netgalley because it sounds so epic! I even took a peek yesterday and I'm pleased to say it passed the test. Sad I can't continue reading it until I finish the two books I'm reading for this week.


To Read This Week:

Both books are going well so far. One is fantasy and the other one historical fiction.After I'm done with them, I'm hoping to retake Some Fine Day and check out those hypercanes!


And that's it for this edition of The Week's Entrée. What book(s) are you planning to read this week? :)


  1. Reign is new to me and it sounds intriguing... I think I was so drawn into a few readings that I lost track of the rest of the world, hence TV series, LOL Seriously, thanks for pointing that one out, I'll check it out! :)

    1. Oh I know what you mean! Hope you can check out reign Silvia, then we'll hopefully fan over it together ;)

  2. I tried the first few episodes of Reign and gave up. I've decided to try again once it's out on Netflix.

  3. Oooh Reign looks awesome. I would totally be Team Francis too :)
    Fury looks like a great read. I look forward to your review!!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.