Hola bookish world!

Welcome to The Reader and the Chef!!

(Look, it's us! Melissa & Flor)

THIS IS SO EXCITING!! *takes deep breath* Okay, so I'm Melissa (see picture above) and I'm the reader of this book blog! I've been reviewing books for the past year and I've been meaning to open my blog for over a year now, but I was terrified to take this step. I know many would think this isn't that big of a deal, but for me, it is. It's HUGE. Disneyland huge.

Anyway, my big sister Flor (the chef on the right) decided she wanted to help me out with my blog, making it not only a blog for book reviews and author interviews, but also for bookish recipes from our favorite reads.

Why recipes you ask? Well, you know that feeling you get when you read a really good book and you're so obsessed with it that you can't stop thinking about it, so you want to associate EVERYTHING you do with your fandom? Well this is the same thing, only with food. We like to eat and make what they eat. The good stuff anyway.

I don't want to make my first post too long, I only want to mention a few people who have given me their support to make this little dream of mine come true:

First, to Cuzinlogic.com, Catherine and the whole team for being the firsts to accept me as a book reviewer on their site. Thank you! I love Cuzinlogic and its readers <3

To Kate Tilton and her famous #k8chat, for answering all of my questions and doubts. I know I can always count on her!

And to authors Cara Rosalie Olsen and Madison Louise for being the first ones agreeing to author interviews for my blog and for generously providing their books to give away once their interviews go live. Expect them very soon! (Hint: tomorrow)

Thank you so much for reading!

*P.S. If you want to start following us, I'll be very VERY happy :)*

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  1. <3 This is so sweet of you. I'm so happy you started a blog! :)